Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Tale of the Snake Plant

House plants. The green, trailing, vibrant, living ones. Their brimming aura—full of light, airy rooms, wide brimmed felt hats, deserts painted with color, all the places of unknown adventure.

I will confess that I mainly got those ideas from photos of said neat things/places on blogs, yet I was completely captivated and very much wished for some green.

Books were ordered and blogs were searched. I thought and dreamed of houseplants. Crazily enough, all of this dreaming fascination only came from reading exactly three blogs. I can only imagine what would happen to me on Pinterest.

So after much research, Arwen and I (after all we do share a room) got one. And is it ever cute! A little Snake Plant, with wide dark green leaves with just the slightest of creamy yellow stripes. It’s current place is on a little desk in the closet beside the Colorado coffee cup and in front of the poster board filled with photos and postcards of bears and moose and Yellowstone and other western things. And oh, does it fit in to perfection!

We also convinced Heidi to get a Golden Pathos, but since she does not yet have an approved home for it up off the floor, it resides for most of the day on the desk beside my laptop. Hence it also is surrounded by photos and woodsy paintings with the addition of photos of Clarkson, Elise and Rufus—which is also truly happy perfection.

Just walking into the room and seeing their greenness makes me so ridiculously happy! And when I sit writing beside them, I feel so hip-city and creative, I nigh half to pinch myself.

The point? Dreams do come true and even the littlest of dreams can be the gateways to ridiculous amounts of joy, ‘cuz after all God loves to work in little things.

(Oh, and if my hinting has not been clear enough… get a houseplant. It will do you good. :))


  1. I'm sure God's favourite colour is green...just glancing around me I see so much green in His amazing handiwork:)
    And I'm glad you went out and got a houseplant! It's really pretty and I'm sure it brightens up your bedroom beautifully!
    Have a happy day, dear Eowyn!
    Much love to you,

    1. Kelly-Anne,
      Oh, yes I think you are quite correct! Greens and browns and reds--like the wonderful desert rocks. I just love how nature tells us so much about God, don't you?

  2. You houseplant sounds gorgeous! I love the color green and how fresh and vibrant it is. I'm so happy spring is here and the grass is starting to take on a emerald hue!
    You mentioned having pictures of Clarkson and Elise (and Rufus. but what jumped out to me was the characters. ;)) in your room. It's so funny you mention that, because I recently printed up some pictures of my characters, and it is SO fun and encourgaing having them there in your room to see and inspire you to continue writing! :) Their faces have definitely pushed me to write more. Have you had the same experience?

    1. Natalie,
      Pictures of characters (even when their features may not exactly fit what you have in mind) are SO helpful and just plain FUN! Oh, and the main reason Rufus's photo is up beside Clarkson and Elise's is because he is actually in the story as Elise's (and later Clarkson's, too, of course :)) dog! Have you ever put any of your pets in a story? This is my first time, but it is going very well. :)

    2. Yes! Aren't they, though? Haha, I have also put some of my own pets in stories before. :) I put two of my cats in a story I had started a long time ago. Isn't it so fun and sweet to have your own animals in a story?

  3. Hmm...seems I need to look into house plants...;)

    1. Olivia,
      Yes, yes, you do! It took me a bit of time to convince Arwen that we "needed" one, but now she has grown used to all three that we have acquired. :)

  4. I've got two African violets on my kitchen windowsill behind the sink, and also another plant I've forgotten the name of ("I wrote it down so I wouldn't *have* to remember!" But the book I wrote it in is downstairs and I'm not). And we just got a spider plant last month, finally. We've been looking for one all winter because my husband read that a spider plant improves the quality of indoor air more than any other house plant, and for some reason, we couldn't find one at any of the "home improvement" type stores. But now we have one at last, and it's making baby spider plants like crazy, so soon we'll have more :-D I loathe spiders, but I love spider plants. Probably because when I was like 9, I got one at a 4-H meeting, and that plant lived for a very long time -- it eventually died the first year I was married when it got mysterious mold on its roots, and I was very sad. But now, after 13 years without a spider plant (which, coincidentally, is how long my first one lived!), we have one again. Huzzah! I do love house plants.

    BTW, if you love flowers and the color purple, get thee an African violet! Mine have not stopped blooming for almost two years. They're awesome.

    1. Hamlette,
      I was originally going back and forth between getting a Spider or a Snake plant, (isn't it comical how both are names of creatures that some people are nervous of? :)), but I just "fell in love" with the Snake Plant first and we both thought it fit best in the decor for our room, so there it is! But now (three plants in) I am having the feeling that this whole houseplant thing can be very addictive. :)

      Also, I was wondering how long/frequently African Violets tend to bloom and I think I may now see one in my future!

    2. I "rescued" these African violets from the almost-dead-so-we're-clearancing-them-out rack at Lowe's, and once they revived (just needed water, really), they have never stopped blooming. I got them because they remind me of my Grandma, who had lots of African violets in her kitchen.


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