Friday, July 31, 2015

My Three Favorite Westerns - In Bullet Point Form

Here is my contribution to Emma and Olivia’s epic Legends of Western Cinema Week! I could ramble about these for forever and a day—and yet I love them so much that (excepting Apple Dumpling Gang) I find my impressions rather agonizing to put into words. Even so, I simply could not let the party pass without talking about them. I dabbled with the idea of full-length reviews, but I felt that this might be a better way to start off with this Extremely Touching subject for myself. (Besides now you, my readers, won’t drown either. :))

The Apple Dumpling Gang – I listed this one first because, hey, it was! For not only was it the first western, but it is one of the first movies I ever viewed. Romantic, hurt your sides laughing, and too sweet for anything, this is the most rollicking western EVER! Finally it’s a Disney classic, folks, so what else need be said? Ah one thing, it has Barney in it. Yes indeedy. Trust me, your education is incomplete until you see this movie.

High Noon – This is “My” Movie. The one I thrill to, cry over and go into dreamy ecstasies about. Every viewing I drink in new depths to love and pour over within the story. The drama is understated with a mystery that leaves your imagination spinning with possibility. And even though it’s not my favorite dress, I would still wear Amy’s wedding dress as mine in a second, because it’s hers. And the expressions! - faces and the emotions people show through them is a fascinating thing and this movie is absolutely a-thrill with heart-wrenching ones. And the theme song… The Theme Song!!! “Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling….” I cry over that, too. :) No, I don’t cry during every movie—just my heart-stories. And oh, is this ever one of them!

Four Faces West – It’s simple and sweet—the climax is not a shoot-out, but an extremely tense and silent struggle for the hero—and the end… ah the end leaves me in tears every single time! (Remember what I said about my heart-stories? :)) This is just such another. The heroine Fay is a nurse, making for some charming moments when she takes care of the snake-bitten hero. Panicking; however, is not in this hero’s books and the story being what the story is that makes for a very neat twist. One of the fun facts about the movie is that Joel McCrea and Frances Dee (the hero and heroine) were actually married. My brother’s response when I told him? “I thought that kiss looked a little rehearsed.” I believe him, as that makes it tenfold adorable. :) The rest of the characters—from the extremely important gambler to the obnoxiously hilarious little boy (and their interactions)—are perfect. That really is what makes this movie so great, everything is exactly where it should be and happens according to what I want, yet with twists that were totally unexpected making for a very fun experience. :)

There I did it! I managed to write with more or less coherence about two of my three Favorites of all Films. Thank you so much Olivia and Emma for hosting this splendid party! Now on to you friends…

What are some of your favorite stories?

Do you like Westerns?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Daddy & Mommy

Last weekend my parents were away on their 30th anniversary "honeymoon" as my Daddy frequently calls it. And it’s making me think Deep Thoughts.

I asked my mother if she and Daddy clicked so well before they were married or if it has grown in their being married to each other more than half their lives. She says it has mostly grown, but I have to wonder because they are both such easy-going lovely people that it can't be only that.

Then I wonder: will I ever find somebody like that? Someone who gets all my inferences and humor as well as my family, yet is more besides? Some days I feel like I will and those are tingly indeed and then some hours I don't believe it and the tingles vanish, but thankfully I have Snowball aka Kitty-Meow (who is also one of Mommy’s best buds) and Licorice aka Quicher to kiss and cuddle and talk with and all is well again.

But animals bring me back to my mother because she has always loved them and so I inherit that virtue from her, which is supported by Daddy who is always willing to help care for any animal—be it a milk cow or a trip to a shelter with two stray dogs.

Those things might sound rather plain and unconnecteable, but they aren't because really they are at the heart of what their marriage is. Joining together in patiently loving each other and other little things—whether they be furry balls of sweetness (... or not)—difficult children and most of all God.

That of course is what is most important. Just this afternoon it was brought home again to me how blessed I have been in the sterling history of Faith I've been born into—from most of my great-grandparents to all of my grandparents to my Daddy and Mommy who have never failed to always lead my siblings and I to the feet of Christ. It's overwhelming.

In the first 1/3 of their marriage my parents moved from Chicago to LA to Seattle (I'm awfully glad I can say I’m Pacific Northwest born). They had Heidi and Luke and then welcomed and said good-bye to my baby older brother Brian, who I won't meet until Heaven. And it has all only made them stronger.

They take us on glorious heart-filling Western journeys, love us even when we are horrid, always know just the gift that will click for us (honestly Daddy, that collection of 25 John Wayne films was the birthday gift of the decade!), show us jolly old TV shows, take us on bike rides and encourage us in our imaginings and plots. Altogether it has been an adventure and I've only been on 2/3's of it.

It's all a gift.

Thank you Daddy and Mommy for every bit of the love, for exploring and culture and faith and home that you give us.

I love you.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Things of Beauty: May - June

Very Favorite Things
Sun-filled, juicy sweet strawberry picking. GLORIOUS canters with Windfola. Haircuts (again… I really enjoy haircuts :)). Playing + soaking in the creek (wonderful enjoyment!), flash floods (love those, too,) cool rain filled days, walks in woody meadows, cuddling sleeping babies, mowing (I adore mowing!), moving into our new house, a visit from Grandpa and Grandma, and Midsummer’s Eve traditions.

I didn’t record it. I know. Naughty girl. However, I did do a great deal of it and there were several good books so it’s a 95% win. Surprisingly, the two stand-outs are both nonfiction, being Foodist by Darya Pino Rose and Beauty, Glamour and Personality by Bud and Ern Westmore. The second being an old 40’s Hollywood beauty book, it is of course highly fascinating, and though it is old-fashioned in some ways (no truly health minded person nowadays would think of calling excess weight “totally unattractive” or at least they wouldn’t be admired for saying so!) it does have some really fun tips and exercises. :) If you are at all interested in retro things you must look it up!

Mainly They Searched Who Laughed, as I found that if at this current time in my writing career I try to work seriously on any of my other stories as well I end up being scatter-brained about both and that is not fair to either of the dears, so TSWL it is! :) One thing I did though was challenge myself to write at least 50 words (though on an average it was closer to 150) on it every day of June and now I feel inspired to write even more in July! Mommy sat down and read the entirety of what I have written so far and was very enthusiastic about it, which equaled (as might be guessed) a happy dance on my side. :)

Other Creative Pursuits
As hinted above, Arwen and I have a tradition that we began last year of watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935) on Midsummer’s Eve and it is truly one of my favorite things of the year. :) Amongst a plethora of other famous people, the film stars: James Cagney, Ian Hunter, Dick Powell, Ross Alexander and Olivia de Havilland. The music is pure beauty, the acting is comical and powerful at the same time, the scenes are pure fairy-tale and altogether the entire thing is a prism of sparkling magic that leaves you feeling sleepy and happy and oh so dreamy! *contented sigh* Yes, it’s a wonderful tradition.

Smooth green lawns and cool breezy days simply awash with sunshine. Fluttering Queen Anne’s Lace (which I do assure you is every bit as lovely as it sounds), dancing lakes of delicate periwinkle blue chicory. The combination of these two flowers (and they always seem to grow together,) is enough to completely steal my heart. 

Cooking… *wracks brain* Oh, yes! Chocolate “superfood” smoothies. Honestly, it is amazing what you can fit in those things! The only question is what is left for the rest of the day. :) Lemon-Raspberry Muffins. They are a variation of the Blueberry Muffins in Practical Paleo and talk about summer in a bite… Finally, Taco Salad. Very well, so it isn’t exactly grand cuisine, but it takes but the slightest amount of time to toss together and that, as you no doubt understand, can be a great boon. Besides, it is taco salad people! Which means the southwest and cactus and shadowy cool adobe buildings and… you know all that. :)

Dreaming is never overrated. 
I already knew that of course, but it is a good thing to re-find every once in awhile, as it is the perfect little thing to keep the smile on your face and trill in your heart!

Summer itself.
I never really think of it as a favorite season, but then I find myself driving along Rt. 66 with sun dancing on my arm and the wind whipping my hair (yay for non-messifiyable hairstyles!) through the open window and the whole glowing gift of the world makes me feel like shouting, “Summer how I love thee!”

What were your favorite delights in May and June?

I don't want to say good-bye

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