Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sweet with Violets...

Late to my own sisters party—quite shocking—but here I am just in time to say farewell. :) When Heidi told me that her first Inklings Exploration would be centered around Violets I knew instantly that I wanted to highlight a piece from A Speckled Bird by Augusta Jane Evans. Lyrical with elegance...of setting unparalleled...and the romance...! The romance is recorded with delicate perfection and a depth that takes your breath away with its sweet loveliness. It is THE ideal romance novel and, in fact, one of my favorite stories ever! 

“She had never spoken, and the doctor said she never would. Standing outside the door, Father Temple waited one noon to hear the physician's report. As he came out he put his hand on the priest's shoulder and answered the mute appeal in eyes that were wells of hopeless grief.

'Don't leave her. I have asked the matron to let you stay now. We have done all we could, and she does not suffer. She may slip away at any moment.'

The room was very still, and sweet with the violets which Father Temple brought daily. The muslin curtain had been looped back to admit light that fell full on the pillow where lay the beautiful head....”

Refreshing yet with such an aching sadness, isn't it? I assure you, the rest of the story is even more lovely and tingle-worthy!

Next, a snippet from Devota, also by Augusta Jane Evans, because reading it I could not bear not sharing it... 

“The moon shone full on both faces, and each had suddenly contracted and hardened. The Governor threw back his head and folded his arms behind him; Devota's right hand clutched the edge of the dial, and with her left she drew from beneath the violets in her girdle a slip of telegram paper...”

That part is so thrilling! Devota is more melodramatic in style than A Speckled Bird, but parts such as that make me love it almost as much.

Have you ever read any of Augusta Jane Evans's books?
Do you prefer purple or white violets?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Six Favorite Disney Characters + Four Couples

According to the laws of tagging propriety this should not be my next tag to answer, but as the Insp for it came to me in a flash as it were—who am I to say nay? And since I’m going about tweaking rules already, I decided to make this Disney-specific with both character and couples, as Disney films contain some of my Very Favorites of All Story in both categories. Also, I did not divide the couples as it seemed all wrong to do so. Here are my answers and I hope all you jolly peoples enjoy it as muchly as I did writing it etc, etc!

(Thank you Hamlette for tagging me!)

Ella from Cinderella (2015)
My very favorite traditional rendering of the character, Ella is sweetly spirited Cinderella perfection!

Franz Lerner from Third Man on the Mountain (1959)
Hard edged, straight forward and with the most adorable laughing smile, Franz (as is Alan Breck for that matter) upon mine and Arwen’s Ultimate Five Heroes List and that, friends, is a place of serious honor.

Ana from Frozen (2013)
Of any Disney princess, she is the only one I have yet to see that I would truly like to name a child after. She is so loyal, fun, and everyday-ish, yet with a spice of originality. 

Alan Breck Stewart from Kidnapped (1960)
No less than three of my favorite heroes have the last name of Stewart and Alan is definitely one of them. Why he is exactly is a very long subject, but two of the reasons are his devil-may-care temperament and humor. I love his humor.

Canoe from That Darn Cat! (1965)
Youthful heroes don’t usually appeal that greatly to me, but Canoe’s hilarity and his skill (or lack thereof) as a detective are an irresistible combination. (Besides, no one can smoke a pipe like him.)

Patty from That Darn Cat! (1965)
The cutest Siamese cat lives at her house (I would have said she owned it, but I couldn’t ;)). She has the cutest hair…and glasses…and outfits… and manner of talking. Yes, she’s terrific.

Jim and Carole from The Love Bug (1968)
Humorous (what a coincidence that this appears on so many of my favorites! :)), touching, and adventurous—their relationship is so adorable.

Fritz and Roberta from Swiss Family Robinson (1960)
Fritz and Roberta is: my idea of near perfect romance: tropical islands, monkeys, pirates, festival races, and pixie cut complete—their story simply makes me glad and happy and oh so cheerful to think about it!

Donovan and Dusty from The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975)
Nothing can outdo a good old marriage of convenience, and Donovan and Dusty’s is surely one of the most comical—the kissing scene being one of the best ever. :)

Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled (2010)
Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship is a mix of crazy yet utterly sweet and adorable. Before I saw the movie I could never have believed an animated film could be so romantic, but I do assure you, theirs now has me completely convinced.

As all of the people who I think might like getting tagged have already been tagged, I’m just going to leave it open to any readers who would like to do it—and if you choose to do my variation that would be even more charming!

Who are your favorite Disney characters/couples?
Have you done this tag? If so, do leave your link as I would love to see it!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Things of Beauty: March - April

Very Favorite Things
Having my elbow-length hair chopped up to my chin (I love it SO much!); my interview with Emma; going to the movie theater for the first time, and also “Cinderella” (which was everything a fairy-tale should be and more); going to HorseFest with my brother; feeling like Marianne with my truly terrible cold; my birthday; new growing things; cantering, cantering and CANTERING!

My reading these past eight weeks went very sweetly indeed as I read six novels. As of now, however, only three of them have been from my Spring TBR List, as I just haven’t felt like reading the others. I also got some especially great nonfiction books from the library, too, so altogether I have been a very happy bookworm.

They Searched Who Laughed has been going through a bit of a difficult growing period of late (the difficulty is mostly, of course, of my responsibility), however Clarkson and Elise being the totally lovely people they are have been super patient and I am now having the stirrings of Great and Lovely Ideas. But what is also SUPER exciting is that my “Western Dream Story” about Wes (formerly known as José) and Lina (who, by the way, are my most adorable couple to date) has been growing at an absolutely headlong pace which leaves me trembling with excitement to catch up!

Other Creative Pursuits
I watched several absolutely terrific movies including (but not limited to): Ivanhoe (1982), His Private Secretary (1935) and The Lawless Breed (1953)—all of which equals several dazzling, inspirational afternoons. Oh, and dreaming: many, many wonderful fresh spring green days of dreams.

The daffodils have burned golden and vanished. The redbuds, too. (Have you ever happened to see a grey wood full of redbud tree blossoms, perfectly awash with their purple smoke? Talk about brimming loveliness.) The grass has been growing with mad abandon and now all the leaf trees are covered with their little nibs of green blossoms.

My three stints of late: Glowing Green Smoothies, mint drinks, and “Bulletproof” Tea. Especially the tea.

Guy McLean. 
He was… absolutely amazing! Always keeping his hands still as he worked—and completely subtle with his every action—the connection he had with his horses was absolutely mesmerizing.

The Buccaneers 
Classic 50’s BBC TV in the style of The Adventures of Robin Hood, but with a 1700’s piratical twist… I will say no more.

Finally, Wes and Lina (again). True, I have known of them and their story for several years, but it is only recently that I have truly begun to know them as people. (Well, Wes in particular. Lina I have more or less understood from the beginning). I love them more every day and my fingers are perfectly jittery to record their story!

What were your favorite delights in March and April?

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