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Six Favorite Disney Characters + Four Couples

According to the laws of tagging propriety this should not be my next tag to answer, but as the Insp for it came to me in a flash as it were—who am I to say nay? And since I’m going about tweaking rules already, I decided to make this Disney-specific with both character and couples, as Disney films contain some of my Very Favorites of All Story in both categories. Also, I did not divide the couples as it seemed all wrong to do so. Here are my answers and I hope all you jolly peoples enjoy it as muchly as I did writing it etc, etc!

(Thank you Hamlette for tagging me!)

Ella from Cinderella (2015)
My very favorite traditional rendering of the character, Ella is sweetly spirited Cinderella perfection!

Franz Lerner from Third Man on the Mountain (1959)
Hard edged, straight forward and with the most adorable laughing smile, Franz (as is Alan Breck for that matter) upon mine and Arwen’s Ultimate Five Heroes List and that, friends, is a place of serious honor.

Ana from Frozen (2013)
Of any Disney princess, she is the only one I have yet to see that I would truly like to name a child after. She is so loyal, fun, and everyday-ish, yet with a spice of originality. 

Alan Breck Stewart from Kidnapped (1960)
No less than three of my favorite heroes have the last name of Stewart and Alan is definitely one of them. Why he is exactly is a very long subject, but two of the reasons are his devil-may-care temperament and humor. I love his humor.

Canoe from That Darn Cat! (1965)
Youthful heroes don’t usually appeal that greatly to me, but Canoe’s hilarity and his skill (or lack thereof) as a detective are an irresistible combination. (Besides, no one can smoke a pipe like him.)

Patty from That Darn Cat! (1965)
The cutest Siamese cat lives at her house (I would have said she owned it, but I couldn’t ;)). She has the cutest hair…and glasses…and outfits… and manner of talking. Yes, she’s terrific.

Jim and Carole from The Love Bug (1968)
Humorous (what a coincidence that this appears on so many of my favorites! :)), touching, and adventurous—their relationship is so adorable.

Fritz and Roberta from Swiss Family Robinson (1960)
Fritz and Roberta is: my idea of near perfect romance: tropical islands, monkeys, pirates, festival races, and pixie cut complete—their story simply makes me glad and happy and oh so cheerful to think about it!

Donovan and Dusty from The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975)
Nothing can outdo a good old marriage of convenience, and Donovan and Dusty’s is surely one of the most comical—the kissing scene being one of the best ever. :)

Eugene and Rapunzel from Tangled (2010)
Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship is a mix of crazy yet utterly sweet and adorable. Before I saw the movie I could never have believed an animated film could be so romantic, but I do assure you, theirs now has me completely convinced.

As all of the people who I think might like getting tagged have already been tagged, I’m just going to leave it open to any readers who would like to do it—and if you choose to do my variation that would be even more charming!

Who are your favorite Disney characters/couples?
Have you done this tag? If so, do leave your link as I would love to see it!


  1. I love That Darn Cat!! :-) I haven't seen it in so many years, but I remember Canoe always made me laugh. My favorite line: "Gregory's a duck hunter." Hahahaha.

    Oh, and Fritz and Roberta! Yes, their romance is very sweet.


    1. Emma,
      Canoe is utterly adorable! The line that always makes me laugh is his, "Oh, I'm just all churned up inside." I love how it can add an element of humor even when you really are nervous. :)

      Fritz and Roberta.... Can I just end up on a tropical island, please? :)

  2. I love this post! That Darn Cat and The Swiss Family Robinson were family favorites growing up and I still love watching them. :)
    Eugene and Rapunzel are so incredibly cute together! Tangled is just amazing. :)

    1. Lois,
      The comical thing about Tangled, is that originally I had a huge dislike at the very idea of it, but during and after my viewing it I was Totally. Blown. Away! :)

  3. Aw, Ella and Anna. Love those two. Oh, and Eugene!? He's awesome. :)

    1. Rissi,
      I haven't seen all of the Disney princess films, but I still have this feeling that Ella and Ana are two of the very best. :)

  4. Squee!! :) I love SO many of the characters/couples on your list!
    I have yet to see Cinderella, but I already love her. And Anna! She is so sweet and adorable. I also love that she is the Disney princess I think I most resemble in looks. :)
    That Darn Cat! I love that movie. Canoe is hilarious. And oh! I'm not the only one who thinks Patty's style is adorable! :) And yes, Hayley Mills voice and mannerisms are just perfection, aren't they? Have you seen her movie Summer Magic? And The Moonspinners?
    The Love Bug used to be my very very favorite movie when I was around 10. I LOVED Herbie. I need to watch that film again, I haven't seen it in so long!
    Fritz and Roberta are so perfect. <3 They're so sweet together. And I love Fritz-he's one of those characters that has a lot of what I admire in a hero. Brave, mature, quiet,and responsible, but also fun and romantic. :)
    Heehee, Donovan and Dusty! :D
    And oh, Flynn and Rapunzel are so utterly wonderful. I love them so much. The end. :)

    1. Natalie,
      Contrary to what is sometimes the case with characters, I do assure you that Ella is every bit as lovely and sweet and gorgeously perfect in that movie as she is in all the still and publicity shots. And you will love her!! :)

      I haven't seen Hayley Mills in anything else except Pollyanna, which is not exactly one of my favorite films -- not, of course, that there is anything wrong with it, but.. um.. yes. I like the '03 BBC one SO MUCH BETTER! Have you had the chance to see that one? (So that was way off topic but anyway... :))

      YES, The Love Bug even with its oddity, because of the character growth, the humor, setting, and the people, I love it so much! Honestly, Thorndyke is my very favorite villain of any story, whether book or movie, bar none. :)

    2. No, I haven't seen the '03 Pollyanna....I do remember you telling me of it before, though! I must get it sometime and see what there is that makes you like it better than the Hayley Mills one... :)

    3. Natalie,
      It is rather difficult to explain, but I think it would be best summed up in saying that it almost feels like a completely different story! (That does seem a bit unfair to the story though. :)) However, it is totally true that the personalities of the characters just click with me a bit better in the '03 version than in the other. Besides which, it is set in Edwardian England and thus there are "accents"
      and the doctor gallops around on a gorgeous white horse and... oh well that is all just a bit of it. :)

    4. It sounds great! I really want to see it sometime. :)
      I have yet to read the Pollyanna book (unless I read it a long time ago and I forgot). Have you read it? And oh! How funny it is set in England! I'm so used to it being in America....I have a copy of the book (on my to-read list!) and I'll have to look to see where it's set in the book.:)

    5. Natalie,
      I haven't read the entire book, however, I'm pretty sure it's set in America and you will have to let me know when you read it! The English setting was a bit different for me the first time I watched it, too, but I got over it very quickly, because England makes everything better, right? :)

    6. Yes! I will have to let you know! I can't wait to read it. :)
      Heehee, so true!! I just love England. :)

  5. This is awesome!! I knew almost all of them, which made me happy;)

    YES! Lily Jame's Cinderella was my favorite portrayal I've seen:)

    THAT DARN CAT! I was so happy to see you included those two:D Okay, that part when Canoe is stuck in the garage door because he was mom was cracking up XD

    Anna is amazing. The end:D

    Donovan and Dusty! Squeee! Okay, too many awesome characters...

    1. Olivia,
      I'm glad you thought so!

      Somehow I suspected that you loved this version of the story. :)

      Poor Canoe. However, it is so comical that it's impossible not to laugh. :)

      I squealed, too, when I saw Amos and Theodore on your list!

  6. Eowyn, I haven't done this tag but I loved reading yours! When I was a kid, I used to watch the Apple Dumpling Gang every single time my family visited our Grandma's. Annd...I still have that movie practically memorized. :P

    Also, the 2015 live action version of Cinderella was definitely my favorite classic fairy-tale retelling. I'm curious, have you ever read the Fairy-Tales Retold series by Regina Doman? They're fairy-tales retold in modern times and I think you would like them if you haven't read them already. :)

    Dani from A Vapor in the Wind

    1. Danielle,
      Thank you!

      Apple Dumpling Gang was one of the first movies I remember seeing, so it is very important in my family history, too. :) That is so fun that you would watch it at your Grandma's! The first time anyone in my family saw That Darn cat actually happened to be when my brother and I watched it at our Grammy's! :)

      No, I have not ever read them and as I have actually been on the search for some exciting "new" books to read, I am particularly excited about looking them up!

  7. Ella! Alan Breck Stewart! Canoe! Donovan and Dusty! Fritz! Rapunzel and Eugene! I love them so much!

    I saw "That Darn Cat" after I already knew Tom Lowell so very well from his stint on "Combat!" as one of my favorite characters, so I was an instant Canoe fan. I love to quote him. "Bills, bills, bills! Nothing but bills!" "Pass the word, no crumbs." He's so funny.

    1. Hamlette,
      A fellow Alan Breck fan!! Arwen and I have such a serious admiration for him that it's rather fun to discover that someone else knows and likes him to. :)

      I had no idea that Canoe was in Combat. (Not, of course, that I have seen any of it, but anyway...) But I am sure he is terrific! Which episodes is he in?

      Oh, yes, and his lines! You have to love them all. :)

    2. Have you read Kidnapped? He's completely awesome in it too.

      Tom Lowell is in the second half of season 1 and the first half of season 2, playing a sweet character named Billy Nelson. You can find a list here of all the episodes he's in :-) Many of my favorites there!

    3. Hamlette,
      I've actually only read the first couple chapters of Kidnapped. I was on vacation at the time and the book stayed when I came away, thus the reason for that unfinished reading, but I definitely need to find it again!

      And thanks for the Combat! info. BTW: your enthusiasm for that show is very catching. :)

    4. I need to reread Kidnapped myself sometime -- been a long time since my last time through it. I hope you can find it again, because it's such fun :-)

      And you're welcome! Isn't enthusiasm a fun thing? Seriously, though, it's a wonderful show, clean and deep and enjoyable all at once.

  8. Oh my word! Donovan and Dusty are the best! I've watched that movie so many times. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one. :D

    1. Faith,
      So glad that you like Donovan and Dusty too! They really are terrific. :)


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