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Lily, a young novice in a Saxon convent, lives a quiet life–though fear of the dread northern invaders is always present. Then one day a group of armed horsemen appears at the convent gates. An ultimatum is delivered, there is a dark and terrifying ride to endure–and Lily’s life is forever changed.

Excerpt from Blue Ice & Amber – “Once more I was under the gate. The leader shouted some orders. I was kneeling before the Mother Abbess as she blessed me. She was kissing me on both cheeks. There was the massive black of a war horse–another man picking me up and tossing me up behind a leather hauberk above, which streamed red curls from a leather thronged helm. The horse began to move like a sea under me–the ground far, far, below. I clutched the bundle holding the sacred herbs blindly to my chest with one hand and desperately gripped the enormous belt of the man before me…”

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Other Completed Stories

Love Comes With a Crash

A young horse-lover, Betsy Roberta, has one funny, action-packed afternoon as she accompanies her older sister to town and sees her through various tight spots. A pick-up truck makes an appearance–as well as a small red car and a romantic Missouri ditch.

My first completed short story.

Major Stories in Progress

(working cover by Arwen Peterson)

Young Elise LeVassuer, with a heart for the very least of unloved creatures, has never known a cloudy day in her life. But distance reaps many changes and when her family is summoned south from their beloved Canada—uprooted by the command of her grandmother—Elise finds herself stuck in a sea of mystery and mercy that will test all her ingenuity, pride, and love to the edge of life.

Genre: Fiction/Romance
Status: Writing

Light of the Mesquite

Three Sisters. Three Dreams. Three Destinies.

Readied for a gentle and privileged life, they were shaped by a war for which they were unprepared. When their cavalry officer father is appointed a command on the deserts of the west, they view it with practicality, excitement, and fear—yet all with hope— as it seems a perfect answer to every one of their prayers. As their dreams are lived and tested upon the jagged edges of their new country, they find every emotion and strength they have ever known breathed more fully as their hearts become bound with the greatness of the West.

Genre: Historical Fiction/Western
Status: Brainstorming/Outlining


  1. Your name is Éowyn and you have a sister (I'm assuming it's a sister) named Arwen!!??

    1. Clara Stone,
      Yes I do! I've always been SO glad my parents did that. :)

  2. Oh, these are lovely! Great stories!

    1. Rachel,
      Thank you for your thoughts. :) They were terrific to "hear"!

  3. "Love Comes with a Crash" sounds utterly you plan on sharing it with anyone? (hint: I'd love to read it, if you're willing. :))

    1. Oh I'm glad and most certainly yes, I will send it in my next email! :)

    2. Ooh, yay! Thank you; I'm really excited now. :D


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