Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall Thoughts and Other Nice Things

November is upon us and right now I'm travel-across-the-nation whirlwind busy. (And the travel across the nation bit is perfectly literal and am I ever loving it!)

Travel is the cream to my coffee (never mind that I don’t even drink coffee, but I do love the smell and seriously, who doesn’t love the persona of the elixir?)

But honestly, I am just trying to let “everything” go and saturate myself in these next two weeks.

Reading, studies in the car, re-connecting with long lost, relations (OK, not quite long-lost but still it feels like it has been too long since we have seen them), close time spent simply hanging out and laughing (there is always lots of laughing in the car!) with my parents and sisters, Heidi in an old friend’s wedding, windswept western prairies, mountain passes, good long heart to heart visits with Clarkson and Elise (believe me, I am so looking forward to being able to just sit down and have long writing times!), seeing new faces, new adventures on the horizon, the whizz of the asphalt beneath the wheels of the Suburban as we head West.

Simply the expectation of it all thrills every inch of me.

But I’m loving here and now, too. Moments soaking up the sunshine with my girl, cuddles with kittens old and new, last-minute sewing, my new header and all its “inner meaning” (more on that anon), another wedding this weekend, the joys and challenges of baby-sitting, early morning yoga + HILT, glasses of energizing Kombucha, watching movies, the beauteous notes of Fall. (And no, this isn’t my official “collective” post. :))

Terrific is a good way to describe it.

I’m thankful for the going and staying and the wind that sweeps it together.

But most of all I'm thankful to the Love who does that, the Word which gives us the freedom and heart to enjoy every bit of it.

Happy fall friends!

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