Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Things I am Relishing This Christmas

1- You, my readers. I can't say how happy I am when I read your comments. I am sincerely grateful for every single one of you and also for my fellow bloggers. This community is wonderful!

2- The Twelve Days of Christmas. I love how, celebrating them, the joy may be spread over many days instead of one and how it really reminds me that the meaning of Christmas is for all seasons.

3- Story Inspiration. I cannot say why, but it is something I seem to become buried in at this time of year. While being a terrific blessing, it certainly has both its wonder and difficulty as I also have much else on my list which must be done.

4- That famous Gift List. It is rather like a duel: “Projects vs Éowyn... Who shall be the victor?” Most are not tiny projects either. Though the tiny ones are often my favorites gifts as the instant gratification of giving them is terrific. For instance: cookies for the garbage collector? Check.

5- Re-watching Pride and Prejudice. We must have something to keep us busy while doing all that knitting must not we? Oh and I must mention Pendragon: Sword of His Father, though I wasn’t knitting while watching that. Instead I was biting my fingers and dashing the tears from my eyes. Yes, it was that good, and I liked it, too, which means it was very good.

6- Vintage inspired festive apparel. One of my favorite places to see said apparel is the Boyer Family Singers blog. They just finished a lovely Christmas style series and their overall fashion sense is lovely.

7- The Nutcracker. Ballet is breathtakingly beautiful. Hence, what is a more beautiful manner to celebrate the Christmas spirit than enjoying one of the classics?

8- The Christmas festivities at church. Sometimes they can be a little overwhelming. Yet it is still wonderful with Christmas performances of old-fashioned favorite carols, red and white flowers, tables loaded with food and dessert, a wreath, sparkly lights and red balls at the coffee bar (my brother's idea—he is incredible). All of which, combined with the love in the air, makes everyone feel jolly and thankful.

9- Christmas lights. Dripping white ones on the house eaves, colored ones garlanded upon the garden fence and twined above the living room and in the kitchen. Truly Christmas lights are one of my favorite things in this world. Also, the garland Arwen made of red and white snowflake wrapping paper. Oh and the tree: all sparkling beauty with the pointed needles of one of my very favorite trees, the fir. Perfection.

10- Sparkly color: red and green, blue and white. Color warms the soul.

11- Snow. Light. Delicate. Absolutely perfect in every way. Dancing with the furious wind or coming silent from the mysterious beauty of the dark sky. It is responsible for much Writing Inspiration.

12- Finally, and really every single one of these: The Light of the World, which makes all the rest of this beauty wonderful—Whose coming is the base for this and every season the universe has ever and will ever know.

The Merriest of Christmases to you all!!!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Height. That wind whipped thing that leaves you reeling and a bit dizzy. You can get the authentic thing or you can receive the illusion of it from vacations and achingly beautiful experiences—and, readers, I have felt—or should I say still feel—the latter.

It all began on Wednesday the 26th of November...the day I went to Chicago for the second time in my life. We ran around the city until our toes and faces nearly froze. We ate collard wraps with oozy chickpea filling (some of us had chilli). We dodged goose-down parka and fur lined boot wearing crowds and had our breath taken away at the magnificent stores clad in their sparkling light bedecked holiday raiment. We became midgets in our own sight looking up at 100 floor buildings, and in our big suburban we drove around the dark streets underneath them, pretending (well at least I did) that I was Very Wealthy. It was all incredible, but most of all there was the skyline and it was everything I had remembered and hoped it still would be.

I have always lived in the country, hence I can't legally have any sentimental memories associated with the city. I also know that I have really only seen the magnificent side of it and I know that—as there is anywhere—there is much dirt and grime and General Unpleasantness about cities. Yet, there is something about a real city skyline, rising upon the horizon with all the enticement of a distant mountain range, albeit one that is man-made sculpted out of iron and concrete, that thrills me to my very finger-tips... But then I have always had a love for mountains, with their angles and depth and their swift, stirring exhilaration.

Of course, we had to leave it and return to the quiet—well, it probably would be quiet if not for the hounds—of country life, with its round of farm boots and squelchy mud, velvety cats, delicious horsey smell mixed with hay, and the Christmas lights my brother and youngest sis just finished putting up on the garden fence and the house (even inside the house)! It is all just so lovely and terrific and though I would love to experience real city life once more, I am also most thankful for my current pleasant pastures for, as Arwen reminded me with a somewhat stern eye, where else can I have the feel of warm horsehair always near my finger-tips? But even in that, what in this mortal creation is more stirred with the glory and strength of the wind than a horse? Not much, I say, and we could all use a little more of it. So go take a hike, literally, and take it anywhere in town or country or best of all city—walk in wondering awe at His creation all about you and breath deeply of cold wind. 

I don't want to say good-bye

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