Friday, June 17, 2016

Oh, Where, and Oh, Where Is My Highland Laddie Gone?

I always hear the tune for that old folk song tripping through my head when I think of my absence from the blogosphere and my friendships therein, but there, I'm afraid, it's accuracy ends because I don't have, and never have had a highland laddie. I hope no one is too disappointed. :)

I nearly didn't write this post because I'm so near to my next collective post, but I was just feeling it, so though updates on deep happenings will wait till then, this will be a taste of their aura.

So where have I been?

Home and it's lovely. Travel blooms deep within my heart, but just going out on the town for this and that is really stretching for me at any time and nowadays... Let's just say I'm loving the stability that having those dishes to wash, floors to scrub and horse to feed brings.

Especially that horse.

I have always had my work to do about the place, but this Summer, for one reason and another (read: craziness all round) it has really become mine. And the peace of not trying to get certain other people to do it and knowing that the duty is my own is very peaceful, inside at least. :) Besides work is really altogether good for the equilibrium.

Not that I don't have plans, but wonder of wondrous Gifts, for certain ones especially, this is the most inspirational place right now for them, for not only do they fit their niche, they're expanding that niche like crazy. 

Yes people, it's a good place to be.

I don't want to say good-bye

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