Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Wisteria Writing Tag

Is not that the dreamiest title? The moment I saw it on Hannah of The Relentless Daydreamers page I suspected it was something I wanted to be part of and when I saw her questions, everyone of which I tingled to answer, I knew it.

Do you get distracted by new story ideas in the middle of writing? If so, how do you handle them?
Oh most certainly, yes! And with new ideas for old stories, too. I usually fly with them as I find it makes my main project all the more splendid and alluring in itself.

Do your characters misbehave often, or do you mostly control them?
We get along at varying levels. Never outright fights, mind you, but sometimes there are silences which can be very awkward to work through and around.

When do you usually write? (in the morning, at night, etc)
At night. The darkness... the mystery of twinkling stars and the moon soaked world, fireflies -- thousands of twinkling fairy-lights -- the entire world transforms into a fairy-land.

Do you outline?
I rather want to and have tried it, but it's never exactly worked out well for either me or the story.

Have you ever done Nanowrimo? Do you plan on doing it this year?
Not once, though the idea charms me. However, because I'm in the middle of something and mostly because of my answer to Question #1, I think I would find myself drowning dizzily during the entire thing. 

How many words do you normally write in a day?
Let's not speak about that shall we? No, it really depends. Sometimes it is scraps of gritty dialogue *Éowyn pauses to laugh heartily at her own imagination* and sometimes it is pages that send me off into dreamy satisfaction.

Have you ever had a dream about your characters?
One of my very favorite stories (What am I saying? I have no favorite children) came from a dream I had and the particular thrill has never vanished from it.

Favorite thing to describe in your writing? (Appearances, surroundings, emotions, etc.)
Appearances. I adore appearances. There is so much magic in how the perfect word, and arrangements of them, can reveal so much about a person. Description in general is one of my delights.

Who inspires you to write?
My sister Arwen actually came up with the idea for my current WIP and we are constantly bouncing story strings back and forth between us. My favorite authors people with their stories, my people, my horse and fresh air and changing vistas and everything in fact spread forth from God's glorious imagination which somehow He sprinkles into mine.
Why do you write?
Because my people are my friends and I hardly feel right until I've visited with them and joined in their joys and sorrows and dreams, and because somehow I know that all the little scraps of papers and stories will someday, someway I can't even begin to dream of, be worked into something perfect by the One who created me.

These questions are so nice that I'm not going to make up my own, but if you want to answer them do pop over to Hannah's blog (hey, do it anyway!) and I would love to hear if you join in!

Thanks Hannah for all the fun. :)

What is your favorite way to create? Baking, drawing, gardening... I'm really eager to know.  :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Movie Review: High Noon (1952)

Thank you once again to the two lovely girls who are hosting this Legends of Western Cinema Week (and also incidentally two of my favorite people) Emma and Olivia!!! I almost didn't join in again, but as usual I'm glad I did!

So between Eva's and Olivia's reviews this film is practically the movie of this year's western week. I've even talked of my feelings for it here before (every word of which is still as true this moment!). Yet even so, folks, it is a train, which, with the Insp. bubbling with my pure love of the story, could not but bring me here. So here I am because I love it. I still remember standing in the church hallway going batty over the trailer for it literally years ago, and that bit of giddy delight which is all its own has never quite left me.

First of all, the theme song - the first panorama with its spectrum of simple western scenery, the first chords of the song, and - be still my heart - because it starts pounding madly every time I hear it.

A really neat fact is that this movie was filmed in real time as in the length of the story is the length of the movie and the tension which comes with that is as taut as might be expected.

Gary Cooper was well-known as a silent movie actor and oh is his talent ever shown here as Will Kane! I'm not sure if it was not he who first made the strong silent type my Ultimate Ideal, yet I do know that he is the measure to which I compare all other heroes I meet. Olivia mentioned that she thought he was very Christ-like in how he stood alone against evil with all the town deriding. I had never thought of it before but I totally concur. (Dear Olivia, you have my gratitude. :)) He tells the people, they think he is a fool, and he protects them anyway, even against their will. His entire character though is summed up in the line I always remember of my brother's (and which I've quoted on the blog before here actually), "He's a tough guy that doesn't have to prove it to anyone."

Amy seems to get a bad rap sometimes and it is so not fair, people! She is rather hard on Will at the beginning (how could she with him looking down at her like that?) However, I think the line that is somewhat slipped over and forgotten is the one where she tells Helen how her father and brother were shot and I really think that would color one's outlook on life, especially when it comes to your husband of 10 minutes. So altogether I think her emotions are terribly realistic. Besides which her running back scene is the BEST EVER!!! I get fireworks of tingles. Every. Single. Time.

And then there is the quiet hug, which one suspects might be a little trembly around the edges, and so the snapshot of their story ends, fading away with a touch of wistfulness which is also strangely satisfying as one's thoughts linger over it.

It's not flashy or fast-paced; it's rather simple, direct and made for savoring and lingering of the imagination. There are other westerns I love with almost equal passion, many that I even feel like watching more often than this, but it matters not, High Noon was the beginning for me and it will always be so.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Things of Beauty May - June

So it is the beginning of a new month and time for another collective, May and Junes that is. Yes that is correct, you may all laugh people, because it is rather funny. :) However... it was a complete month ago so I'm afraid it's going to be very simplified and holding of only the best things.

                                                                Very Favorite Things 
Going to the greenhouse with Arwen, a Sunday evening spent scrolling through Kellie's old blog posts (wowza is she ever inspiring!), our local town's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast (the best show I've ever seen, bar none!), and Charleston SC with a topping of Hilton Head.

I wrote a little here and there in painful bits on TSWL, then (SPOILER. :)) come July, I chopped most of it out, but like most pruning it's beauty shines all the purer for it. :)

So once upon a time I had this great and grand Summer Reading Scheme and then I discovered Mary Stewart and her Nine Coaches Waiting and Airs Above the Ground and oh did that scheme tumble! Because reading two books about five times each doesn't work very well in gaining numbers of books finished.

A gloriously long Spring and Wild Roses; mounds and mounds of roses.

I can't exactly recollect what particular streak I was upon... but I did learn (again) how fun it is to mess about in other people's kitchens. :)

The Atlantic
The quiet, powerful swish and pull... A pier spearing out into the sea... the lovely imaginative color of all the pastel beach cottages (oh do they know how to style it out there!)... and a fishing boat, its lights alone in the sea against the lavender grey of the evening sky.

Hunting Island SC
We just passed through, but the entire thing is pretty much pine trees, gigantic palmettos and white sandy shores with water grasses and bright seaward views. It was as if we had stepped into To Have and to Hold or Yankee Buccaneer.

And we see saw one Alligator soaking itself in a pond; it was really rather adorable. :)

I don't want to say good-bye

via pinterest My word for this year is daring,  - dare to do that thing that scares me, dare  to take that first step into that imposs...