Monday, August 1, 2016

Things of Beauty May - June

So it is the beginning of a new month and time for another collective, May and Junes that is. Yes that is correct, you may all laugh people, because it is rather funny. :) However... it was a complete month ago so I'm afraid it's going to be very simplified and holding of only the best things.

                                                                Very Favorite Things 
Going to the greenhouse with Arwen, a Sunday evening spent scrolling through Kellie's old blog posts (wowza is she ever inspiring!), our local town's production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast (the best show I've ever seen, bar none!), and Charleston SC with a topping of Hilton Head.

I wrote a little here and there in painful bits on TSWL, then (SPOILER. :)) come July, I chopped most of it out, but like most pruning it's beauty shines all the purer for it. :)

So once upon a time I had this great and grand Summer Reading Scheme and then I discovered Mary Stewart and her Nine Coaches Waiting and Airs Above the Ground and oh did that scheme tumble! Because reading two books about five times each doesn't work very well in gaining numbers of books finished.

A gloriously long Spring and Wild Roses; mounds and mounds of roses.

I can't exactly recollect what particular streak I was upon... but I did learn (again) how fun it is to mess about in other people's kitchens. :)

The Atlantic
The quiet, powerful swish and pull... A pier spearing out into the sea... the lovely imaginative color of all the pastel beach cottages (oh do they know how to style it out there!)... and a fishing boat, its lights alone in the sea against the lavender grey of the evening sky.

Hunting Island SC
We just passed through, but the entire thing is pretty much pine trees, gigantic palmettos and white sandy shores with water grasses and bright seaward views. It was as if we had stepped into To Have and to Hold or Yankee Buccaneer.

And we see saw one Alligator soaking itself in a pond; it was really rather adorable. :)


  1. So beautiful. I love these posts of yours. :)

    How fun it must have been seeing Beauty and the Beast!

    Heehee, while I haven't read any books five times over yet (I was tempted to do that with The Blue Castle), my plans for lots of reading has not amounted to much, either. :/

    I'm so glad your trip was so lovely! The spot you were at sounds gorgeous. :)

    1. Natalie,,
      Ah, thank you dear! This one was nearly a miss on my part, but once I was into it I was so glad I didn't miss out. :)

      Seeing Beauty and the Beast was seriously one of the most magical experiences in my life thus far. We drove home in the dark and lightning flash of a thunderstorm, which made us feel as if we had entered the world of Ever After which only cemented the impression all the more.

      You know another thing about that trip? I recorded it in my journal every single day which really made me remember all the little impressions even better!

    2. That's fantastic that you kept up with your journal every day! I really would love to make that more of a habit with myself. :)


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