Friday, June 12, 2015

Those Spring Mornings When...

Wild songbirds are calling to each other over the pastures swept with lush folds of rich green.

Even though you haven’t brushed your Nancy Drew bob yet, it is wavy and manageable and has just the right amount of bounce as it curves around your neck and face. 

The dogs are barking and howling and grumbling to be fed…yet it makes you glad because you have the ears to hear and the food to content them.

The sage green and yellow floral dress you chose to wear today may not be either glorious vintage or high style, but with its square neck, gathered sleeves and long floating skirt, it is so light and brimming with the feel of old-fashioned romance that you like it more than either.

Your horse—bright eyed and gleaming in the playful shadows of new leafed walnut tree and sparkling sun and whiffing and tramping about in her corral—is so gorgeous that you think your heart might break.

A phone call to your parents who are on a business trip to the southwest beckons with a happy hand because: A) they are your parents and B) the charm of having members of your immediate family Out West and thinking of your voice as there, is impossible to resist.

Your fingers are nearly too chilled to fill the tea kettle, but having them so makes you look forward to your lemon water and rich, creamy “Bulletproof” tea all the more.

The valley is to be mowed later and, besides the exercise, you are looking forward to having it look and feel once more like the lawn before a southern plantation house.

Snowball, the most handsome and gentlemanly of cats, greets you with a hearty meow as you step out on the back porch to feed him breakfast, and a little polite conversation ensues because he is the most charming conversationalist you know.

God’s in His Heaven all’s right with the world.

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