Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Summer Reading Challenge

I've been the mood for some serious reading, yet lacking in the concrete insp. (is that somewhat of an oxymoron? :)) Things being thus, when I ran across That Polkadot Girl's summer reading challenge it seemed like pure perfection and now my mind is buzzing with ideas!

I will update this post with the book names and, if I do them, reviews, as I go along. Note: that I may not be able to wholeheartedly recommend EVERY book below, so read at your own risk and whatnot. :)

On a rather random note: I'm on vacation to Charleston at this very moment so my heart sang with the perfection of the picture above when I discovered it on my Pinterest board!

2016 Summer Reading Challenge
A Book You Have been Meaning to Finish: Enemy Brothers by Constance Savery
A Book from the Library: The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side by Agatha Christe
A Book Borrowed
A New Book
A Classic: The Law and the Lady by Wilkie Collins
A Book You Own but Haven't Read:  Keith of the Border by Randall Parrish
A Book that was Made into a Movie
A Book You Pick Solely Because of the Cover
A Book Your Friend Loves
A Book by an Author You Have Never Read Before: He Fell in Love with His Wife by Edward Roe
A Book with a Color in the Title
A Book Set Somewhere You Have Always Wanted to Visit: The Rosemary Tree by Elizabeth Goudge
A Book of Poems
A Book that will Make You Smarter
A Book with a Blue Cover A Speckled Bird by Augusta Jane Evans
A Book Everyone but You has Read
A Book Based on a True Story
A Book that is a Century Old: The Light of Western Stars by Zane Grey  
A Book that Takes Place on a Island: Downright Dencey by Caroline Dale Snedeker 
A Book that is Guaranteed to Bring you Joy
A Book that is More than 600 Pages
A Book that is Under 150 Pages
A Book Translated to English
A Book by a Male Author
A Book by a Female Author: Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Stewart 

Do you enjoy reading challenges?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Things of Beauty: March - April

 Very Favorite Things
Napping kittens curled up on the living room floor (who even as I wrote this ceased as the Marmalader jumped up on my keyboard to ask for some cuddles), postcards from a very dear friend, this post from another dear friend, TOY STORY 3 (so much cuteness! I really think it might be my favorite of them!), quiet mornings when my mother and I are the only waking ones in the house, my baby lettuce plants and NOW my own homegrown lettuce for lunch!

Huge amounts of time sprinkled between times of not much at all, but they were really good stories, some of which will likely be appearing on my review blog in the coming weeks!

She looks very much like Elise. :)

Some really good days and other... not so delightful ones. I've discovered my current secret though, I need to get started early enough in the day that my rush of post first-opening-the-document-inspiration doesn't come when I'm laying in bed. Also, while blogging was somewhat sparse I did do several posts, here are two favorites, this and this, the photo flow of the second giving me particular thrills. :)

Purple violets (and white too!), rainy days and cool afternoons drenched with sunshine and breezes. The grass is running riot now, and my garden is growing! It's the first year ever that I've really grown lettuce and not only is it thriving, but perfectly delicious too! Besides which my brother got me two trays of various seedlings for my birthday! Plants = one of the best presents ever. :)

This isn't cooking persay, but is making... my avocado mint chocolate pudding, for breakfast every day. I keep telling myself I should branch out more, but it's so crazy good and healthy too. :)

 Do not be overzealous when it comes to exercise! 
I became excited about a new workout idea, overexerted myself and was quite fatigued for two weeks straight having then to drag myself around for a third. I simply didn't have time to be really sick or I would have. :) So trust me peoples, don't do it. I have now returned to tried and true favorites, a reformed and wiser character.

Gardening is super rejuvenating for me.
The quiet time while keeping my eye on a pair of crazy, tumbling kittens, conversations with my horse in her corral not far off, my fingers in the soil, my heart bubbling over with gratitude... every sense of it is pure joy.

What were some of the delights of your March and April?

I don't want to say good-bye

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