Monday, October 24, 2016

His Mark Endures

Men rise with power that we could never ever surmount, but we take comfort in the fact that God in His great power can overcome all, but then this morning I had a sudden thing come to me.

Yes, He is all powerful, but He doesn't need to extend it to overcome the nations. He created them and He doesn't even need to lift His little finger to bring them smashing down again.

It is for men to struggle and rise and fall in their pride. Jesus had one supreme struggle and now it is over. He rules while bunches of sorry rebels throughout the ages try to make their little mark on the sliding sands of time before they get washed away in it, but we Christians don't need to.

Our mark is made.

It endures.

His Kingdom is our future.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Two Events of EPIC Proportions

Hello old friends! I'm trusting my blog post record that I've really been gone from here as long as it says because it hardly feels that long. Dear September kept me whirling in a crazy dance and I would be in severe doubt that it was really an entire 30 days except that each one was so packed with things to do and jolly moments.

Now for the two events: Heidi and John got married (more on that anon) - which was pretty great and leads very much to the other thing... I've met Olivia and Natalie.


I can still hardly believe it, except that it just feels so right. I admit I was rather nervous, over-the-moon-excited yes - but a little nervous all the same. We were such good friends on the internet, what if we didn't click in real life? And then Friday morning came and I saw Natalie (she arrived first) and... I hardly know what to say except that... GOD IS SO SPLENDID! Then Olivia came and we all hit it off from the first, sure we hadn't met each-other before, but we knew each-other all the same. :)

The whole weekend was a tingly I'm-just-taking-off-my-shoes-and-will-go-till-my-feet-take-flight sort of dance and that literally happened several times. And there was laughter, so very much laughter.

Oh yes, and I met Rosie and Jessica, too!!! Didn't I say something about this being a crazy weekend? :) I didn't get to talk with them very much, but seeing them at the wedding was very fun.

My family stayed at the hotel over the Wedding days and one of the best parts was randomly running into the girls; just the happiness you know?

My cup overfloweth with all the splendid memories. With happiness taking wings as we danced together with a  band of little ones at the wedding. Then there was the Great Movie Shindig with pizza and leftover ice-cream from the rehearsal dinner. Belle was the choice and it was amazing. (The part where he starts shouting "Yes I love her!" is rather startling and oh so sweet that I can hardly believe it.) 

The whole visit had so many group hugs and gripping of hands when the excitement became too much (which was quite often. :)) and I'm just SHRIEKING INSIDE RIGHT NOW!!!

Natalie and Olivia are as sweet and warm and caring and brimming with fun in real life as they are through their blogs. Being side by side with them was truly the best thing in the world. Here is to it happening again girls! :)

I don't want to say good-bye

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