Thursday, April 24, 2014

Liebster Award x Two

 Anna and Kate both nominated me for the Liebster award, so here are my answers! According to the official terms of agreement I was to have stated 22 facts about myself, but that being slightly impossible, (do I know 22 facts about myself?) I skipped out of stating any. Both asked many very inspiring questions and I had great enjoyment answering their questions and coming up with some of my own! Thanks again for nominating me girls!!!
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Questions from Anna

Swimming or tanning?
 I don't really tan myself on purpose, but I greatly enjoy swimming in lakes when I have the opportunity.
Popsicles or ice cream cones?
 I don't eat either any more, but I never really liked the cone part of ice cream cones and so it would be popsicles. Unless it is an ice cream cone made of moose tracks ice cream.
Watermelons or Cantaloupes?
Cantaloupes, but home grown Moon and Stars watermelon can be divine. :)
Biking or Running?
I don't really do either for exercise, but I love doing both for pure pleasure and excitement.
Where would you like to live one day?
The world is very wide, you know, but Heaven is my goal.
How do you picture yourself in ten years?
This a favorite subject of mine about which to wind dreams, a favorite and perhaps the wildest? Traveling around the country married to a race horse jockey.
Little Mermaid or the Lion King on Broadway?
Little Mermaid. I don't particularly like the story, but I have always wondered how they manage the underwater parts which have a mermaid onstage
Cake or Cookies?
What is your favorite Disney movie?
Four of my favorites are: “The Apple Dumpling Gang”, Third Man on the Mountain”, “Swiss Family Robinson”, and “Robin Hood” with Richard Todd.
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 Questions from Kate
What is your favorite dessert?
    Cheesecake. Particularly lemon cheesecake.
What is the longest word you know?
Do you prefer skirts or pants?
    I am not straitlaced about not wearing pants, but I have just worn dresses/skirts all my life. And is there anything more bookish and “romantic” than a long swishy skirt?
 Is there a heroine in a classic book-story who you are supposed to like but don't?
     Valency in “The Blue Castle” I alternately like and do not like her and most of the time it is the latter.
 Do you like classical music? If so, who is your favorite composer?
    I love it!!! My two favorite composers off the top of my head are Mendelssohn; his “A Midsummer Night's Dream” is glorious! Also, Tchaikovsky.
 What is your opinion on Tom LeFroy And what about the mysterious seaside gentleman?
    “Mysterious seaside gentleman” has a very exciting sound to it. However do to my lack of knowledge upon the subjects I can only echo Mrs. Shin in saying: “I cannot say... That is, I cannot say at this time...”
Favorite Season?
 Autumn and winter.. the energy, the spice, the snappy winds.. However Spring and Summer have their sweet points as well.
 Favorite Flower?
     My favorite flower greatly depends upon my mood... I think that the old-fashioned ones, roses, violets, honeysuckle etc.  are the most lovely and beautiful. Nevertheless I love the tropical looking ones, because they are so adventurous and exotic.
Favorite European country besides England?
      Italy. Ever since seeing “Little Dorrit” I have wished to visit Venice and now, listening to my father as he reads 'The Lion of St. Mark” aloud, the wish is confirmed.
 Do you have any hobbies?
      My entire life is a collection of interests that I greatly enjoy. :) But some favorites? Reading, writing, blogging, learning with and about my horse, studying history, drawing
(and science fits into this category as I love to draw the diagrams in my science dictionary).
 Do you prefer the mountains, the sea, the desert or the prairie?
 Of the above I have spent the most time in the mountains – and oh I love them! Nevertheless I also like the sea and one of my dreams is to some day  take a road trip up the east coast with my next younger sister when we are both a little more grown-up. I would especially like to visit Cape Cod in the summer when the roses are in bloom and I would also like to go to one of the races that is part of the Triple Crown. A rather rambling idea, but oh so nice.

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 I had a great deal of fun coming up with these questions! If you are reading this and would like to answer any or all of the questions, hold yourself tagged, because I would love to hear your answers!
Which would be your preferred vacation destination - Disneyland or a lonely ocean shore?
Jane Austen or L. M. Montgomery?
Would you prefer attending the Kentucky Derby or a PBR event?
If you have done so... which do you enjoy milking more, cows or goats?
Are you a country or a city girl?
If you could enter into a faerie-story and/or world what would it be?
Do you like mules, hinnies and donkeys?
What is your favorite style of fashion?
If you were to learn a foreign tongue what would it be and why?
Do you enjoy reading books about WWII?
Would you rather be a medical personnel or a veterinarian?

Monday, April 14, 2014

In the Springtime, the Springtime when Tags do fly about...

Natalie tagged me with the Sunshine Award and Hamlette nominated me with the Beautiful Blog Award! I feel so honored. :)  I would like to give a huge thank you to both of these persons!  And now for the questions and answers:

Natalie's Questions:

What would you do on a rainy (but not stormy) day?
              In the first place, I would work with my horse, Windfola, before the ground became too damp to do so. Then I would go indoors and congratulate myself for planning ahead. :) After which, while it rained, I would read an exciting book or, if possible, watch a period drama.

Heels or flats?
I like the idea of heels a great deal: the class, the retro aura, the complete togetherness of them. However, sad to say, I have never even owned a pair and in my practical soul I don't believe I could bring myself to spend a great deal on a very nice pair of “dress-up” shoes. My trademark shoes are Newport Keen sandals.  As my all time favorite shoe I like to wear them whenever and wherever I may.

Is there any particular music/song that ever gives you chills from the beauty or inspiration of it?
 My favorite music for writing has been of late the soundtrack from the '09 Emma and also some other classical and Celtic songs. Three songs that give me absolutely freezing chills are 1.) a song from the Swan Lake ballet which I do not know the exact name of, but which I believe is played at the end of Prince Seigfried's first meeting with Odette. Another is the “Sugarplum Fairy and Cavalier Pas de Deux” from the Nutcracker. The third is the theme song from “High Noon”.

Would you find a mud battle hilariously fun or positively gross?
The idea of a mud battle is very nice; however, since one 4th of July when I ruined my sister's swimsuit doing a mudslide, mud and I play no more frivolous games.

Is there anything you feel God has taught you over the past year?
That wherever I am and whatever I happen to be doing, it is for a reason and the lessons I learn now will be of use, no matter what I am led to do in my future. There are, of course, many other things He is teaching me, but this I would say is one of the major lessons I'm learning.

Favorite sidekick/best friend character from literature?
Sidekicks are very often some of my favorite characters in a book so I would like to give three of my favorites: Pierre from "St. Bartholomew's Eve" by G. A. Henty, George from the Nancy Drew books, and Dickon from "The Hidden Treasure of Glaston" by Eleanor M. Jewett.

What do you like to do for exercise?
I greatly enjoy activity: walking, biking, horseback riding, playing Speedminton, dancing...but my favorite “exercise” and the one I have managed to keep with for over a year is an amazing exercise program called Ballet Beautiful.

A favorite movie/TV show nobody would expect you to like:

 "High Noon". This is actually a very interesting case as I am very passionate about the film and I have had several friends and family ask, “You like that? Why?” and others who say “You like it, TOO?”, then “...I know, isn’t it the greatest?”

E-mailing, telephoning, texting, or snail mail?
  My favorite is snail mail. I love how writing letters makes you feel as if you were in a period drama or book...and what can compare with the thrill of receiving one!

Describe your dream dress.
Amy's dress from "High Noon". The first two times I watched the film I did not like it very much, but now, even though there are several elements to it that I do not totally like, it is my dream dress. I even know the exact occasion at which I would like to wear it.

         Favorite Biblical name?
               I give you two: Damaris and Chloe. Both names, I believe, are actually Greek and are mentioned in the New Testament.

Hamlette's Questions:

What's the first movie you can remember seeing?
Apple Dumpling Gang. It was a sensation with all of us young children. My little sister would become distressed when the tense music comes on right before Theodore and Amos's first attempt of robbery on Donovan and (at the time) we would skip the “saloon scene”.  :) It is still a sensation, but for a different reason!

What's your favorite fruit?
Pears, peaches pineapples, plums...who knew there were so many fruits that began with P? 

If you could be any superhero(ine) for a day, who would you like to be?
I don believe this exactly counts as a “super-hero”, but I would like to be Éowyn in LOTR.

What was your favorite picture book when you were a child?

“The Gardener” by Sarah Stewart. The story is about a young girl living in depression-era America who goes to live in the city with her uncle. The wide spectrum of color in the illustrations is perfectly delectable and the story is so fun as well. It actually still is one of my favorite books.

What was the last board/card game you played?
    Ticket to Ride.

Do you prefer feather pillows or foam?
    My favorite is a nice plumpy poly-foam one.

What are three of your favorite blogs?
 This question was very challenging, since there are so many blogs that I really enjoy! So I decided to list three that I find both inspiring, refreshing and lovely.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Chatterbox {April 2014} - Resurrection

  The scene for this Chatterbox – hosted by Miss Rachel Heffington on her amazing blog The Inkpen Authoress – is from my novel, “Doctors &  Daughter’s”. 

  Maria and Rose were passing through the wide lower hall of the building, clean and neatly arranged snowy linen piled high upon their arms. As they were passing the door to the head nurse's office it was swiftly opened from within disclosing Miss Reed, her habitually collected face a map of confusion.
   “Nurses, would you please call Miss Worth-” then recognizing Maria behind the pile which partly hid her. “Oh, Miss Worth...I hardly know what to say, but...would you kindly step in here please?”
  Sharing but one quick questioning look with Rose, Maria followed the head nurse toward the official apartment, her heart pounding madly as she did so. She had expected this confrontation for the last year, though it startled her that Dr. Owen would rather go to the officials without first speaking to her. Yet they were her superiors and no doubt he only was concerned in her breach of professional conduct or perhaps he had only heard rumor and was going to identify her. Completely according to professional decorum yet she still wished that he had addressed her at the first. Such were the thoughts that rushed in tumbling confusion through her mind as she went down the short distance of hall to the open door. Entering, she found to her further surprise that it was empty of any living thing save themselves and a sheaf of lilies–limpid and glowing, their swirled cups filled with light from the window high up in the outer wall.
   “You may set those down, Miss Worth.” Miss Reed said, closing the door and motioning to a set of drawers against the wall by the entrance. Lowering the heavy stack to the cabinet, Maria turned once more to the head nurse. She was now seated behind her desk, hands nervously clasped upon the desk before her, looking at the girl. What a lovely nurse she was, the head nurse thought - the shyness of her early days with them transformed into a tremulous love for her patients that mixed with a determined strength of protection. It all conformed into a care that warmed the strict nurse's heart. Yet such things as she had heard of this supposedly sweet girl! How ill they combined with this quiet reserve before her! How straight and steady she stood beneath her gaze, her biting of the lower lip the only indication of her worry.
   “Miss Worth, when you came to be with us we were told that you were simply a friend of Rose's who was in need of the work she had been trained to. Testing you, we found that you did indeed have experience. Yet now...I have short, there has come to me information that you were...that you are...if not lying...indeed practicing a falsehood.”
   Maria's eyes dilated large in her face and she bit her lip. The perfume of the lilies suddenly became a crushing weight and the room seemed to tip unsteadily. No refuge. She knew that it had always been so. The chain of her history and that sorry piece of paper signed by her father's hand would always find her. For that which did not breath there could be no death, but it could pierce.
   “Pardon me, Miss Worth? What did you say?”
    Maria's voice was chilled as her white lips as she answered, “I said that for all things–no matter how you tear them apart or throw them away from you forever–no matter how bitter they may be–there is a resurrection.”

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Lady of the Lake in Two Takes.

Presenting: The first piece of art for my “Around the World in 365 Days Challenge”!

Since itsy bitsy details are always great fun...both “Ellen's” here are based on a picture of Fiona in a scene in “Brigadoon”. The garland upon her head is made of harebells. The pattern of her shawl or screen (call it what you will) is based off the pattern of an actual tartan of the Douglas clan.

These are the first drawings I have done with colored pencils since the days when my artwork mainly consisted of coloring pictures. One of my visions with this personal challenge is to use it as a plan to advance my drawing skills and hence, though I see much in the pictures that might be improved, I am altogether quite pleased with them!

                                          Which is your favorite rendition?
              Have you ever read “The Lady and the Lake” or watched “Brigadoon”?

I don't want to say good-bye

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