Monday, July 27, 2015

Daddy & Mommy

Last weekend my parents were away on their 30th anniversary "honeymoon" as my Daddy frequently calls it. And it’s making me think Deep Thoughts.

I asked my mother if she and Daddy clicked so well before they were married or if it has grown in their being married to each other more than half their lives. She says it has mostly grown, but I have to wonder because they are both such easy-going lovely people that it can't be only that.

Then I wonder: will I ever find somebody like that? Someone who gets all my inferences and humor as well as my family, yet is more besides? Some days I feel like I will and those are tingly indeed and then some hours I don't believe it and the tingles vanish, but thankfully I have Snowball aka Kitty-Meow (who is also one of Mommy’s best buds) and Licorice aka Quicher to kiss and cuddle and talk with and all is well again.

But animals bring me back to my mother because she has always loved them and so I inherit that virtue from her, which is supported by Daddy who is always willing to help care for any animal—be it a milk cow or a trip to a shelter with two stray dogs.

Those things might sound rather plain and unconnecteable, but they aren't because really they are at the heart of what their marriage is. Joining together in patiently loving each other and other little things—whether they be furry balls of sweetness (... or not)—difficult children and most of all God.

That of course is what is most important. Just this afternoon it was brought home again to me how blessed I have been in the sterling history of Faith I've been born into—from most of my great-grandparents to all of my grandparents to my Daddy and Mommy who have never failed to always lead my siblings and I to the feet of Christ. It's overwhelming.

In the first 1/3 of their marriage my parents moved from Chicago to LA to Seattle (I'm awfully glad I can say I’m Pacific Northwest born). They had Heidi and Luke and then welcomed and said good-bye to my baby older brother Brian, who I won't meet until Heaven. And it has all only made them stronger.

They take us on glorious heart-filling Western journeys, love us even when we are horrid, always know just the gift that will click for us (honestly Daddy, that collection of 25 John Wayne films was the birthday gift of the decade!), show us jolly old TV shows, take us on bike rides and encourage us in our imaginings and plots. Altogether it has been an adventure and I've only been on 2/3's of it.

It's all a gift.

Thank you Daddy and Mommy for every bit of the love, for exploring and culture and faith and home that you give us.

I love you.


  1. Awwwwwww! What a sweet tribute to your parents! They sound completely awesome. And what wonderful examples for you and your siblings as to what a Godly, happy marriage can be like! I think that when you have seen how a marriage can be wonderful, it gives you added incentive, not to mention know-how, for building one yourself.

    1. Thank you so much, Hamlette!

      Yes, they are perfectly terrific. ;)

      And you are totally correct about the whole incentive/know-how bits!

  2. This is such a sweet and beautiful post, Eowyn!
    I'm so happy that you have godly parents who can influence you so positively in your life-and that I have my own set of amazing parents that do the same for me!. :D It's so wonderful having great parents, isn't it? :)
    I can relate to your thinking there may be "the one" out there for you.....even though I think it'll be quite awhile yet till I'm ready for marriage, it's definitely one of my biggest dreams to marry and have a family someday. It's such an exciting thought!
    Please tell your parents I said "happy (late) anniversary!" :D

    1. Natalie,
      Thank you! Great parents are marvelous things to have! :)

      Ah, the entire "the one" thing is so very exciting! I mean thinking that (quite possibly) there is someone who will someday know you as well or more than your family and still love you all the same. Yes, it is an amazing thought.

      Not quite ready for marriage... yes I hear you. :) I'm nineteen, but while I may not feel immature exactly, I do still feel/behave so young sometimes and I wonder, "Is this wrong? Should I be behaving more grown up? Or is having lots of jokes with your siblings and games a good thing not to grow out of?" Most of the time I'm convinced it's the latter -- so good, wholesome times it is!

      And I told my parents happy anniversary from you. :)

    2. Eowyn,
      Oh my, YES. Sometimes it hardly seems possible that they're EVER could be someone out there who will understand you and love you as much as your family does. To think that perhaps that there'll be a Someone who will become friends with your family and really just "a part of the group" is so excitingly unbelievable. :)

      Hahaha, I completely relate! ;) A lot of people think I'm older than my age (they say I look older, and some say I act older) but most of the time (at least when I'm being silly with my family) I feel like I'm still quite a child. haha I agree though--I hope I never grow out of inside family jokes and games! :)



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