Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Things of Beauty: May - June

Very Favorite Things
Sun-filled, juicy sweet strawberry picking. GLORIOUS canters with Windfola. Haircuts (again… I really enjoy haircuts :)). Playing + soaking in the creek (wonderful enjoyment!), flash floods (love those, too,) cool rain filled days, walks in woody meadows, cuddling sleeping babies, mowing (I adore mowing!), moving into our new house, a visit from Grandpa and Grandma, and Midsummer’s Eve traditions.

I didn’t record it. I know. Naughty girl. However, I did do a great deal of it and there were several good books so it’s a 95% win. Surprisingly, the two stand-outs are both nonfiction, being Foodist by Darya Pino Rose and Beauty, Glamour and Personality by Bud and Ern Westmore. The second being an old 40’s Hollywood beauty book, it is of course highly fascinating, and though it is old-fashioned in some ways (no truly health minded person nowadays would think of calling excess weight “totally unattractive” or at least they wouldn’t be admired for saying so!) it does have some really fun tips and exercises. :) If you are at all interested in retro things you must look it up!

Mainly They Searched Who Laughed, as I found that if at this current time in my writing career I try to work seriously on any of my other stories as well I end up being scatter-brained about both and that is not fair to either of the dears, so TSWL it is! :) One thing I did though was challenge myself to write at least 50 words (though on an average it was closer to 150) on it every day of June and now I feel inspired to write even more in July! Mommy sat down and read the entirety of what I have written so far and was very enthusiastic about it, which equaled (as might be guessed) a happy dance on my side. :)

Other Creative Pursuits
As hinted above, Arwen and I have a tradition that we began last year of watching A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935) on Midsummer’s Eve and it is truly one of my favorite things of the year. :) Amongst a plethora of other famous people, the film stars: James Cagney, Ian Hunter, Dick Powell, Ross Alexander and Olivia de Havilland. The music is pure beauty, the acting is comical and powerful at the same time, the scenes are pure fairy-tale and altogether the entire thing is a prism of sparkling magic that leaves you feeling sleepy and happy and oh so dreamy! *contented sigh* Yes, it’s a wonderful tradition.

Smooth green lawns and cool breezy days simply awash with sunshine. Fluttering Queen Anne’s Lace (which I do assure you is every bit as lovely as it sounds), dancing lakes of delicate periwinkle blue chicory. The combination of these two flowers (and they always seem to grow together,) is enough to completely steal my heart. 

Cooking… *wracks brain* Oh, yes! Chocolate “superfood” smoothies. Honestly, it is amazing what you can fit in those things! The only question is what is left for the rest of the day. :) Lemon-Raspberry Muffins. They are a variation of the Blueberry Muffins in Practical Paleo and talk about summer in a bite… Finally, Taco Salad. Very well, so it isn’t exactly grand cuisine, but it takes but the slightest amount of time to toss together and that, as you no doubt understand, can be a great boon. Besides, it is taco salad people! Which means the southwest and cactus and shadowy cool adobe buildings and… you know all that. :)

Dreaming is never overrated. 
I already knew that of course, but it is a good thing to re-find every once in awhile, as it is the perfect little thing to keep the smile on your face and trill in your heart!

Summer itself.
I never really think of it as a favorite season, but then I find myself driving along Rt. 66 with sun dancing on my arm and the wind whipping my hair (yay for non-messifiyable hairstyles!) through the open window and the whole glowing gift of the world makes me feel like shouting, “Summer how I love thee!”

What were your favorite delights in May and June?


  1. Dreaming is never overrated. :-)

    I love these posts of yours, Eowyn! It's fun to read what you've been up to. And I love the pictures you included; the first one reminds me of Elizabeth in The Waltons. ;-)

    Mamas are some of the best writing critics, I find. I let my mama read some of a story I began writing last spring -- it was the first time I'd let her read something big like that -- and it made me so happy when she liked it! I love the title of your story, They Searched Who Laughed. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.

    Happy summer, Eowyn! :-)


    1. Emma,
      Thank you! Hooray for a fellow dreamer! :)

      I've never seen the Walton's, but I always think it is terribly fun discovering people that look like other people. :)

      It can feel rather nerve wracking letting someone read your story, but it is SO satisfying when they like it, don't you think?

      Happy summer to you too, friend!

  2. I'm so glad you're having a happy summer so far! Queen Anne's Lace is so beautiful! That's so cool that you watch "Midsummer Night's Dream" at Midsummer! Writing progress yay! This past June has been lots of writing and editing for me! I hope you have a good July as well!


    1. Victoria,
      I don't really consider myself a lace-y person, but there is something about the wild yet delicate beauty of Queen Anne's Lace that gets to my heart strings.

      Midsummer's is such a forgotten sort of holiday and though I still don't approve of some of its roots I really love all the sparkly freshness of it. :)

      I'm so glad that you have been having a great time with your writing, too!

      Have a lovely July. :)

  3. Ohh, this is so beautiful! And wow! You get to drive on Route 66?? I really want to do that. :) I absolutely love driving with the sun shining, windows down, and music playing. It's so exhilarating and summer-y.
    Yay for writing inspiration and encouragement! I'm so glad your story is going well for you! :D
    I LOVE chicory! It may be one of my favorite flowers....unfortunately we don't have much Queen Anne's lace or chicory on our property (sob) but I have seen it elsewhere.
    Your cooking sounds SO good.
    Lovely post, Eowyn!

    1. Natalie,
      Yes, we do! The funny thing is that before we moved here I had never heard of it, I was only ten at the time but I still felt like I was dreadfully ignorant. :)

      That's so sad about the chicory. :( But I'm glad that you've been able to see it other places! What kinds do you have on your property?

      Thanks about my cooking. :) I do like discovering and trying different recipes -- today's being a "healthy" chocolate cake for Arwen's birthday dessert. I'll make sure to tell you if it's good!

      Another thing, I just finished Catrin in Wales! I'm tossing around ideas in my head for a review, so one should be coming sooner... or later. :)

    2. Eowyn,
      Well, we have a lot of "non-wildflower" flowers (there's probably a term for that I'm forgetting) but some of my favorites are the daisies, the irises, and....a lot more I don't know the names of. ;)

      Ooh, that does sound delicious! Please tell Arwen I said "happy birthday!" (or "late happy birthday" as I'm sure it is now. :))

      Oh YAY! Did you like it?? I suppose I must wait for the review...please do review it soon! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


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