Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beautiful People Sibling Edition: José & Buena

I am so excited about this months edition of Sky and Cait's Beautiful People link-up! José and Buena (in one of my western stories) are cousins, but much more like brother and sister. 

What is the first memory they have of each other?
I think they have always known each other, but if they did have a memory it would probably involve José getting Buena out of a problem and her rewarding him with a flower when he would rather have a lizard from her or some such thing.

Describe their relationship in 3 words.
Fiery yet understanding.

What kind of things do they like to do together?
Riding in the mountains around the hacienda. Buena would also love to dance with José (as he is quite adept at it), but he disagrees with her opinion and generally dislikes the pastime, so that is the end of it.

What was their biggest fight?
Their greatest fight was about Josés best friend, Lando. Why they were quarreling over said person, I will leave you to imagine.

How far would they go to save each other?
Saving people is what José does with his life. Buena would rather someone else did the saving, but if there was no one else she would rise to the occasion and then turn rather faint and hysterical after the deed was done.

What are their pet peeves about each other?
For Buena, it is José’s habit of rushing away on special missions with his friend Lando every other moment. For José: it bothers him that Buena is a slight flirt, as he fears it will someday lead her into trouble.

What are their favorite things about each other?
Buena: the fact that José married Lina. She thinks it is the most level-headed thing he ever did. Also (though she would never admit it), the fact that he never lets her opposition sway him in anything he determines to do.

José: that she takes Lina under the folds of mantilla, so to speak. In fact, the moment right after she does it, he promised himself that he would never quarrel with her again, however (fortunately, for all concerned), he forgets his promise.

What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?
They both possess highly infectious smiles, but otherwise… Buena is small, slim, graceful and just the slightest touch flighty, and while not exactly pretty, has olive skin, large, long eyes, and a delicately molded chin with high cheek bones. José has a face brown as a nut and eyes that are habitually sparkling with humor. He is also strong shouldered, lanky, relaxed and has complete control over himself at any moment.

Who has the strongest personality?
Buena has the fiery nature to begin things. José has the strength to go on and finish them.

How does their relationship change throughout your story?
They themselves do not go through any horrific events together, but as they go through trouble, confusion, and pain in other places and relationships, their friendship matures into something much more peaceful than it originally was.


  1. This sounds like such a good story! I'm already in love with these two. :)

    1. Natalie,
      I'm so glad! I always feel like Pollyanna when I say that, but she is the sweetest little thing and I do truly mean it!

      This is actually my 'western dream' story that I mentioned in my interview on Emma's blog, which partly explains why I love them so! It is also the story I have been in the greatest fervor to work on of late, but alas, it is not yet my main project. However, in the ways of Providence, that is actually a good thing as having that other project allows this one to deepen and mature, which are both very healthy things. :)

    2. Yes, isn't Pollyanna such a dear?? :) I'm reminded of her as well whenever I say "glad". :)
      How wonderful!! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it as you continue with it. And I understand what you mean by that it's a good thing it's not your main project at the moment. Some books need time before you're ready to do them justice. :)

  2. Aww, they sound wonderful. :-) And I love their names!


    1. Emma,
      Thanks! They originally had very different and very British names (which as you can see by the style now would not have fit them/worked in the least). I was just the smallest bit sad to see the other names go, but as I will probably be able to use them in a different story (don't you love always having that "other" story always just over the horizon?) and I love these, I am totally happy now!

  3. They sound really cool! What time period is this book set in? It sounds interesting. :) I also followed you! I've been looking for more blogs to follow on Blog Lovin' lol.

    Stori Tori's Blog

    1. Victoria,
      Thank you. :) I'm still not entirely sure about the time period, but I am thinking that it will likely be set in Spanish Colonial California. However, it might also simply be set in normal western times with a strong Spanish/Mexican influence.

      And thanks for the "follow"!

  4. Hey Eowyn,

    I'm just popping in to let you know, I've tagged you over on my blog:
    Join in if you'd like, though you certainly don't have to. :-) Have a beautiful day!


    1. Emma,
      Thank you muchly for tagging me! I am greatly looking forward to doing it. I read your tag answers a couple of days ago and, though I'm planning on commenting over there too, I just wanted to say that I relished reading them. :)

  5. They sound fantastic, and I'd love to read their story someday! :)

    1. Andrea,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you would like to hear more. :)


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