Friday, September 4, 2015

Things of Beauty: July - August

Of all my Collective posts so far, this one is misbehaving the most – I say it needs to be telling of the delights of the last two months, it wants to think about the frosty and cool bright pleasures of the cozy seasons to come. It’s all rather confusing, which I suppose makes it rather accurate to life, so here it ‘tis. 

Very Favorite Things
Meeting a skunk on my evening ride (fortunately we passed without any interchange), weeping over heart-breaking, yet oh so meaningful and AMAZING stories with Arwen, delicious vegan recipes, getting back into math and serious study mode in general, attending my first baseball game, TOY STORY 1 & 2 (I thought it looked good in caps, so thus, the caps), talks with fellow horse people, afternoons spent reading picture books (Marvin of the Great North Woods anyone?).

I have been reading, but it has been of such a dabble here and there variety that it was rather challenging to record, however last week Heidi (and Mommy and Littlest Sister) went to an antique store and found an original thirties copy of Nancy Drew’s The Password to Larkspur Lane!!! It was amazing. They also found several L.M. Montgomery books, which means several days spent doing almost naught else. And of course since we are drawing into the seasons of cool mornings and falling leaves… I see many more afternoons spent dreaming over her books on the horizon, but I am not complaining, oh not in the least!

Blogging has been rather sparse this summer (but then, you knew that. :)) however, that which I did post this past eight weeks I felt much fulfilled about as they were about two of My Very Favorite things i.e. High Noon etc. and Clarkson and Elise, both very tingly indeed.

Arwen and I finally were able to introduce Mommy to Yankee Buccaneer! We had been planning on doing so for ages and yesterday, the other girls being baby-sitting and I having a horrible cold, the time was right. So we did. I fell in love with it even more and Mommy loved it (Arwen already did of course). So everything was quite perfect. :)

We have been blessed with the coolest of summers, the grass loves it, and it shows its joy by growing all of the time, which I love as it means so much mowing! 

So much excitement in this department! I’m still loving my chocolate superfood smoothies, making them nearly every day for mine and my parents breakfast as they like them, too. I have also been playing around with lots of other vegetarian/ mostly vegan recipes and meals and it has been a very tasty and fulfilling trend to be on!

Sons of the Pioneers
Western music with haunting melodies and good voices and it is classic as in “Black and White movie” classic. 

Rachel Heffington’s new blog venture Lipstick & Gelato.
Rachel has always been one of my favorite bloggers, so when I discovered that she was starting a new lifestyle blog you can imagine how ecstatic I was. So far every single one of her posts has been spot on, this one being a particular favorite.

And now it’s nearly fall... summer is almost over and cold weather and hot cocoa are on their way; however, for some reason I can’t quite feel it yet. Perhaps it is because we had such a cool blustery summer, but I’m not complaining because that is one of my favorite versions of the season and it was a good summer.

Also while I was “away” my blogs had their second anniversaries! Blogging has been full of uncountable blessings and the wonderful friends and kindred spirits that I have met have been (and are!) incredible! And so I just want to thank you. Each of your comments mean SO MUCH TO ME and I’m truly inspired by every one of you. :) 

Thank you.

So that’s life right now, cool summer breezes and warm Indian summer days; pretty much just sparkling living in general.

What has life held for you lately?


  1. What a beautiful post, Eowyn! :-)

    Oh! You saw a skunk! (Luckily without the stink, haha.) I've never seen that animal - they don't live here in Belgium to start with. They're so pretty, aren't they?
    AH! Reading Montgomery books. THAT'S HEAVEN. Which ones did you read? Have you read Rilla? 'Cause that's my favourite now. I've decided I love it even more than The Blue Castle.

    I love all these Vintage-y pictures! :-D I love how you keep it a theme.

    ~ Naomi

    1. Naomi,
      Skunks are extremely pretty and even as I was riding in the midst of the danger I was thinking how adorable they really look. :)

      I read The Blue Castle and A Tangled Web, the latter being the tonic I always take when laid low with a really terrible cold and I enjoy both stories so much that it almost makes the cold enjoyable too. :) Ah, and Rilla of Ingleside! It has been many ages since I read it, but I remember not being able to decide whether it was a complete favorite or not as my mind was so fogged with weeping over it, but I want/need to read it again soon. :)

      Thanks! They took a bit of time to gather, but the fun was so worth it!

  2. I'm glad you had a good summer. ^ ^ It's been hot where I live so I'm really looking forward to fall. I'm glad you didn't get into a nasty tangle with that skunk. XD

    1. Victoria,
      Heat can be so... challenging to deal with so I understand your eagerness for fall! Besides which, of course, fall has its own set of joys anyway... !

      Ah yes, the skunk. I still feel the exact horrified sinking feeling I felt when riding toward it! :)

  3. I quite like the Sons of the Pioneers! Have you listened to anything by the group Riders in the Sky? They're still performing and recording today, and have a similar style.

    1. Hamlette,
      We just got three entire CD's of Sons of the Pioneers yesterday and believe me, it has been bliss. :)

      I have listened to Riders in the Sky and I do remember particularly enjoying their renditions of Ghost Riders in the Sky and Tumbling Tumbleweeds!

  4. Heehee, you're not the only one looking forward to the seasons to come. ;)
    Although I am still enjoying these last days of summer!
    TOY STORY. Haha, you're right, it needs caps!

    I love all your vintage pictures. They're so lovely. :)

    I've never watched The Yankee Buccaneer. It looks good, though.

    Aww, we both had a our 2 year blogging anniversaries this year! How cool!
    Happy anniversary! :D

    1. Natalie,
      Vintage-y pictures for the win! They are just so happy and contented and altogether cozy. :)

      It is so fun how we are celebrating the same anniversary! Remember how we "met" through Miss Dashwood's musical party? I still recollect reading your review of The Swan for the first time. I still haven't had the chance to see it! Wow, that was a random comment, but anyway... I'm so glad we are friends!

    2. Eowyn,
      Awww, I am so glad we're friends too! Really? Is that how we met? All I remember is that you were my first follower-and that made me so happy! :)
      Well, that's all right. There's lots of movies you've recommended I still haven't been able to see yet-but hopefully I'll be able to someday!


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