Thursday, January 1, 2015

Adios 2014...Hola 2015!

Diligence. The thing which you should have while doing anything. It’s the word I chose to be “my” word this year. I pray I might be it in seeking my Father in Heaven and in doing all He has set before me. So if you would see some of the things done in my life this year and some that I hope for in the next, read onward!

What did you do in 2014 that you’d never done before?
Drove our suburban, went to a regency/Victorian dance, ushered for two different ballet performances, began working on a novel with Arwen, watched Canyon Passage (1946), did a “real” baby-sitting job (which BTW was totally fun!), finally—after all my years of wishing—met an entire herd of mules and now have two donkeys living across the road (dreams do come true), grew twenty some cabbages (oh, the satisfaction of it!) and did an oil massage on my hair (I am so sorry, but honestly, my life goes in little things! :))

Did you keep your New Years’ resolutions, and will you make one this year?
My two goals for last year were to read through the entire Bible twice and do the Around the World Challenge. The first I completed, the second I did not. I do think I shall make some more goals this year and I am pondering on sharing my successes and failures here in either a monthly or every-other-monthly format.

Photo by Eowyn P

Did anyone close to you give birth?
A neighbor-friend had the most adorable baby and there are many new little members at church—and at home, of course, quite a few calves. :) 

Did anyone close to you die?
Not anyone human, for which I am very thankful, but several of our animals did which was very difficult.

Photo by me

What countries/states did you visit?
Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

What would you like to have in 2015 that you lacked in 2014?
I really lack nothing that I need, but it would be nice to garden and travel some more and purchase a saddle.

What date from 2014 will remain etched upon your memory?
I am never very good with dates rather remembering merely the day. However, if it must be a date: Thanksgiving at my uncle and aunt's and along with that our day in Chicago was very grand.

Did you move anywhere?

Photo by me

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
Growing twenty cabbages, some lovely string beans and beautiful squash, finishing my 40's trousers, and reading through the Bible twice. 

What was your biggest failure?
Lack of patience.

Did you suffer illness or injury?
No, nor did my family. For which I am so thankful.

What was the best thing you bought?
I have been saving up for a saddle, so I don't believe I bought anything. Except that I pre-ordered Kimberly Snyder’s newest book which isn't released till this spring.

Photo by Arwen

Whose behavior merited celebration?
Windfola’s. She was pretty much a total sweetie and I really think our relationship has grown deeper. Oh, and my mother was pretty terrific too and my father, and my siblings are all growing into (or perhaps it would sound more pleasant to say continuing to be?) amazing people.

Photo by Arwen

Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?
Trying to keep this tag bright, I will skip the obvious which anyone can think of and say our squeaky terrier, Garm. We have two terriers, but the other one does not go around sounding like a firework about to explode. Oh, Garmy, I can't stand you and totally adore you.

Where did most of your money go?
In my Hidden Stash. No, I'm not a miser, I am saving it.

What did you get really, really, really excited about?
The five big things that I got totally thrilled about were: my Black-Eyed Susan vine coming up in my garden when all hope was lost (honestly, I had waited so long for it!),my work with Windfola, our new bedroom arrangements, traveling, and Canyon Passage (1946). Finally, receiving Kentucky (1938) for a Christmas present. In all seriousness, I could not of screamed with more excitement or been more surprised had someone given me an engagement ring! 

What was the best concert you’ve been to this year?
I didn’t go to a concert, but I went to a terrific performance of The Nutcracker.

What song/album will always remind you of 2014?
Ole' Buttermilk Sky. Do I ever love that song.

Photo by Heidi

What do you wish you’d done more of?
Traveling. Writing. Spending more time out-of-doors. 

What do you wish you’d done less of?
Worrying, losing my temper and spending time doing some things—no matter how good—when I ought to be doing others.

What was your greatest musical discovery?
For film musicals, Royal Wedding, but for music ones we re-discovered Boston Pops and also found some terrific ragtime and classic music collections from the 40's and 50's.

How did you spend Christmas?
With my family.

How are you spending New Year’s?
Celebrating the 8th day of Christmas!

Who did you spend the most time on the phone with?
Either my mother when she was in Seattle or my father when he was doing errands in town.

What was the best book you read?
I had a really great reading year: re-reading old favorites, but for new “best book” I will give The Prince and Betty by P.G. Wodehouse. Not that it is my favorite of his works, but because he always is (one of) the best. Also Belle by Cameron Dokey.

What was your favorite TV show?
The Adventures of Robin Hood starring Richard Greene. It was my favorite last year, and the year before that as well.

What did you want and get?
A new room set-up? A good story idea? Kentucky (1938), I only really dreamed of getting it. Ah, there have been lots of small jolly little things.

What did you want and not get?
A saddle... but that is totally my responsibility as I have yet to finish my research.

What were your favorite films of this year?
Canyon Passage (1946)
The Love Bug ( 1968)
The Texas Rangers (1936)
Little Miss Broadway (1938)
Royal Wedding (1951)
Kidnapped (1960)
Something on the Wind  (1947)
It Started with Eve  (1941)
Lady on a Train (1945)
Disney's Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Rio Grande (1950) —but only for the sake of the cavalry and the scenery and most definitely for Tyree.
Jeeves and Wooster (1990-93)
Pendragon: Sword of His Father (2008)
Emma (2009)
Tangled (2010)
A Cookie Cutter Christmas (2014)
Kentucky (1938)
12 Exotic Destinations
Yankee Buccaneer (1952)
Double Crossbones (1951)

What did you do on your birthday?
It was a very lovely one: I had a nice long talk with my Grammy on the phone, my father got me a rose, and my family gave me some presents included in which was a beautiful horse mug from Arwen.

Photo by me on a photo shoot built around  a dress borrowed from a friend!

How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2014?
English country with a dash of prairie girl. It can also be the other way round, but that way sounded better.

Photo by Heidi

What kept you sane?
Prayer and the Holy Spirit. 

What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
I don't think I made any mammoth mistakes and I trust that even the painful episodes had their purpose. So, onward I say, and with no regrets, only lessons learned. 

Photo by Heidi

Who did you miss?
The West. All right, so it’s not a person, but I do have lots of family out there, and I totally miss it.

Who was the best new person you met?
Hum. This is getting particular as I have met some terrific people who have been wonderful blessings—both through blogging and through other things. 

Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2014.
This post really sums up my feelings for this past year. However, in one sentence I would say never underestimate the power of prayer. 

Five personally significant events of 2014:
I am going to sum them all up in the month that four of our cats died. That was so hard and I am putting it mildly. However, I also feel that that is where God put most of my growing this year. 

Photo by Heidi

Seven things I want to do in 2015:
- get my drivers license
- finish They Searched Who Laughed... and start another book.
- learn Spanish
- travel out West... or anywhere for that matter, but mainly North and Westward.
- re-memorize the Heidelberg Catechism
- steadily proceed with my horsemanship education
… and there are lots of other things too, but I am sure you will hear of them later!

Five people you would like to know better in 2015:
Everyone! Seriously, I need more dedication to society. I actually enjoy smiling at strangers, but talking with people is where I struggle. I also especially want to get to know you, my readers better.

There! Both the tag and 2014 are finished. I would love to hear how your year was and here is to your having a blessed New Year!


  1. ALL THE SMILEY DANA ANDREWS PICTURES!!!!!!!!! You know, I actually own a copy of Canyon Passage and still haven't watched it? Shame on me!

    Also, I recently bought the Richard Greene Robin Hood series, but haven't gotten to it. I'm glad to hear it's good! I want to try it this year, since I'm making Robin Hood a theme for my 2015 reading/watching choices.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Hamlette,
      YES, you absolutely MUST see "Canyon Passage" as soon as may be. Tonight, for instance, would not be too soon to my mind! Dana Andrew's smile has to be the cutest thing ever and I wish you could have heard Arwen and I while watching the movie as we waxed quite enthusiastic upon the topic. and even now, a couple months since our last viewing, it is still a favorite subject of ours. :) To show what a terrific film it is: Logan Stewart (Dana Andrews character) is on mine and Arwen's combined THE ULTIMATE HERO LIST, which happens to be a very elite group including only some five members, so that means (to put it mildly) that we think very well of him indeed!

      The Richard Greene Robin Hood series is actually my entire family's Very Favorite TV show. We have watched it so much that everyone on the show, and most especially Robin himself, seem like the very best of old friends! :)

      Thanks for giving me a chance to ramble about both of my favorites. :) Happy New Year to you too and have a lovely evening!


    2. Alas, I have no fewer than five movies I need to watch in the next 2 weeks, and since it takes me 2 nights to watch a movie most of the time, it'll have to wait a bit. But it's definitely bumped up my list a long way, thanks to you!

      And Dana Andrews is just delicious, isn't he? Have you seen him in anything else? I've seen almost 20 of his movies, and can recommend quite a few whole-heartedly, like "State Fair" and "The Best Years of Our Lives" (swoon!) and "Swamp Water" and "Ball of Fire" (but he's not a good guy in that). My favorite of his movies is definitely "Laura." Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

      I'm so looking forward to the Richard Greene Robin Hood series! 2015 is just crammed with things to look forward to, isn't it?

    3. Hamlette,
      Oh, the sorrows of having a long list of interesting movies to see. :) Every once in a while I fear that I have come to the End of All Great Movies, then... I find one, and another... and another... and my fears are done away!

      Yes, Dana Andrews is AMAAAZING, as in, he has to be one of the greatest adventure/romantic heroes to grace the screen! In other words, I like him. :) I have not seen any of his other films, and being still in the grips of a dazed Canyon Passage fandom I'm not quite sure I can picture him in any other hero role, but I think I could see him as a villain readily enough. Ok, maybe not. The workings of my mind can be rather strange. :)

      I love new years, too, so much adventure and lovely things waiting to happen!

    4. Well, at such time as you decide to try Dana Andrews in a different movie, I can whole-heartedly recommend "State Fair" as a sweet, clean musical. He's a bit of a rascal at the beginning, though! And "The Best Years of Our Lives" is a beautiful, thought-provoking, serious look at what happened when all the men returned from WWII. It doesn't make it look like everything was hunky-dory and happy, but shows them and their families struggling to readjust. Dana's character basically has PTSD, and he's achingly sweet in it. Another good, clean movie. I originally saw it because it has Myrna Loy in it, and it was the movie that made me fall in love with Dana Andrews.

    5. Hamlette,
      A rascal! How utterly charming! OK, well that sounded very silly. :) But I think I know what you mean. :) The Best Years of Our Lives does sound very good and deep, I will be sure to keep it in mind! Have a lovely Sunday!

    6. Oh, he's a charming rascal, of course :-)

  2. Happy New Year Eowyn! I'm fairly new to your blog (I don't think I've commented before), but I think you're a very gifted writer and I'm looking forward to reading more.

    By the way, I LOVE your header. Anything western...yes, yes. :-)

    I love the photos in this post! Just lovely.

    Anyway, I hope you have a very blessed and happy 2015!


    1. Emma,
      I am super happy you came and thank you so much for your comment concerning my writing. It was most encouraging!

      I am glad you like my header. :) I chose the painting because it reminds me greatly of a place in southwest Montana that I saw while traveling a couple of years ago and now whenever I look at the picture it gives me little thrills. :) I also chose it because it's out west and I firmly believe that it is impossible to get too much of the West--or if it is, it is certainly most difficult. :)

      I hope you have a terrific 2015, too!


  3. Happy New Year! I loved reading over your answers to the tag. :)
    What is Kentucky and Canyon Passage about? My family (and I!) love old movies and the pictures from Kentucky (I assume?) are so adorable!
    I'm sorry that you had to lose some of your animals this year. :( I can totally understand your sadness-I've lost a few within the last couple of years and when we moved I had to leave behind all of my pet cats. That was certainly hard! Also, is the horse in the picture your horse? She/he is so cute!

    1. Natalie,
      Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed it.... I had a wonderful time filling it out!

      Now for your questions! "Canyon Passage" takes place in mid-1800's western Oregon and the hero spends most of his time riding around with a string of pack horses, and in his spare time, helps out his friends and is altogether completely amazing! There is, of course, some lovely romance and action-packed scenes too. :) Altogether, if not my Very Favorite Film of 2014, it is so close that it is nigh impossible to tell the difference, and having seen a great many terrific films last year (does referring to 2014 as last year seem strange to you, too? if not no worries :)) then that means it is very nearly perfect!

      Next: "Kentucky"! This story takes place on a 30's race horse farm and is pretty much the classic race horse story (not that it needs anything more!) except that it has a (well-done) family feud mixed in for good measure. :) And, if anything else was needed, last, but not least, it also stars Loretta Young (though I have not seen her in anything else) and---drumroll---Richard Greene! They are really cute together and indeed the whole film is very sweet and fulfilled my long search for a GOOD classic race horse story!

      I hope you can check them both out!

      Thank you so much for your comment about the cats. The subject still chokes me up a little and it so comforting to know that there are others who can understand the pain! And yes, that is my horse! I never used to imagine myself with a white horse, but now there are many times, especially on a moon bright night when she is shining in the the moonbeams that, funny as it may sound, I nearly need to pinch myself to realize that she is not a dream and that God has really blessed me with her!

      I hope you have a lovely evening!


    2. Hi Eowyn!
      Thanks so much for answering my questions! Both movies sound really good. I hope my library has them! :)

      I'm glad we can relate about the cats. I know I've mentioned them before on my blog, so I was a bit worried that I "talk of them" too much, so I was so glad to hear you understand! And yes, I can relate to your sadness. It was hard enough leaving mine behind, I know it's even more sad when they die. :( I'm so sorry. What was your cats' names?
      Aw, that is so amazing!! What a blessing! She really is a lovely horse. :) I hope you have a lovely evening too!

    3. Hello Natalie!
      You are most welcome and I do hope you can find them!

      And no, you certainly do not talk about your cats too much! Talking about cats over much (if done in a flattering way of course to said cats) is impossible. :) So write on! I have actually thought of you several times when thinking about how our cats left us, and I was thinking how tough it must of been for you with your cats too! The cats that left us last year were Boots, Littlest, Stripey and Gray Guy. We have had several others over the years and we still are blessed by the presence of five others, but more about them in a letter. :)

    4. Oh, good! I'm so glad! :)
      Aww, what cute names. Yes, you'll have to tell me about your other cats in our letters. I'm almost finished with my reply and I'll be sending it out soon!

    5. Natalie,
      Thanks! The naming process in our household can be very long and deep, but it is always fun to see what they end up with. :) And very much looking forward to your letter! :) Have a blessed Sunday!

    6. Thanks! I hope you have a blessed Sunday as well. I'm sure I'll be sending out the letter this Monday! :)
      I happened to notice Hamlette's comment above and her mention of The Best Years of Our Lives-and I just had to throw in my recommendation too! I recently watched it for the first time and liked it very much. As she said, it's more serious but very good! It also has Teresa Wright in it. She's one of my favorite old time actresses and so sweet. I love how she usually plays (from what I've seen) a charming and pure girl. I've seen her in at least 3 movies and she hasn't played a "bad" character yet! :) Have you seen her in anything?

    7. Natalie,
      This is really rather fun.... Since the mail didn't go out today my letter should be on its way tomorrow, hence it is likely we might get them on the same day! (Rather like a saved phone call or something. :)) I have not seen Teresa Wright in anything, but from what you say, she does sound very quiet and sweet! What were the other movies you saw her in?

    8. Eowyn,
      Haha, yes I realized Monday that I couldn't send out my letter as planned. So I sent it out Tuesday. I hope it reached you by now! I received your letter today! I assumed you would wait for my reply to your first letter, so it was such a nice surprise! :)
      I've seen Teresa Wright in Mrs. Miniver, The Pride of the Yankees, and just recently, The Little Foxes. I liked the first two the best, but the Little Foxes just isn't as good as the other, although I liked Teresa in it. :)
      Also, I wanted to tell you that I picked up the Richard Greene version of Robin Hood at a thrift store. We started an episode of it last night-I'll have to tell you what I think once I watch more! :)

    9. Natalie,
      Monday's "No Mail Day" really threw me off too! Hmm. The mail hasn't brought yours yet. :( But I'm looking forward too it!

      I've heard of "Mrs. Miniver" because of "Random Harvest (which btw is THE sweetest and most romantic classic b+w EVER) but I have not seen it!

      You found Robin Hood at a thrift store? Lucky girl! And I hope you have fun with them!

    10. Eowyn,
      I heard from Heidi that you received the letter! Yay! Glad it reached you safely. :)
      I haven't heard of Random Harvest but I just googled it and it sounds good! Another movie to add to my list, yay! :)

    11. Natalie,
      I very much enjoyed it! :) How about if I write next and you can reply to both of mine together? Let me know what you think. :)

      (And let me know when you see "Random Harvest!")

    12. That would be splendid, thanks! I'll look forward to your letter and I'll start preparing my reply. :)
      Yes, I definitely will tell you if I see it!

  4. Oh wow, I love your blog! <3


    1. Sarah,
      Thanks and I hope you have a lovely evening!

  5. I love this post!! What a great 2014 recap!! I may have to remember this at the end of this year! :) Your blog is lovely too!

    1. Sarah,
      That is so lovely of you to say! I enjoy doing lots of different kinds of tags and this one is definitely one of my top three favorites. :) Thank you very much for the follow!



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