Saturday, March 18, 2017

Things of Beauty: February

Early mornings and all nighters (okay, not quite, but it felt like it!) February was about everything farm for me, and did I love it! So much in fact, that I constantly find myself wondering, was there anything else in it?

Very Favorite Things
Arwen's and my first honest-to-goodness farm job, driving to said job with the country music blaring (more below), gobbling up a western story one cold rainy Sunday afternoon (I feel like a turkey saying that, but gobble is the word!), storybook gigantic snowflakes mixed with blossoms on the above Sunday (I could scarce believe the wonder of them).

Several things, and all of them lovely. The Man Called Noon by Louis L'Amour and The Fellowship of the Ring being definite highlights; you could say my reading was a bit diverse. :)

Did I write some story snippets? I think I did . . . ;) Blogging I did do, so words and I did brush shoulders several times at least. (Using the above photo gives me Much Joy, because "she is" the heroine of the story I'm currently editing. :))

Daffodils gone wild, and snow falling in front of blossom trees.

In the Kitchen
Making Communion bread for Church; speak of nerve wracking! :)


Country music.
Old style country (think Willie Nelson and Bobby Bare and you'll have the feel) I've always loved, but modern country? Not so much. Arwen would even play it and I would shudder at the sound. Then I found myself driving the gravel country roads with the sunrise brimming the grey hills, and at night when the lights on my dash were the brightest around... and it may just have slipped into my soul.

Chubby little piglets are seriously the cutest baby farm animals.

Farmwork - bit fingers and escaped animals included- fills my heart like nothing else.


  1. Farm work fills my heart like nothing else too. :-)

  2. IT seems a beautiful place for live my life.

  3. Ohhh, I love these posts SO much, Éowyn! I'm so happy for you and Arwen and your farm job. It's sounds like such happy fun. :)

    You drive? I didn't realize that! How do you like driving?

    Snowflakes and blossoms sounds WONDERFUL.

    I'm really intrigued at all these hints you've left about your current story!

    I'm so proud of you for making Communion Bread. :) I love the picture you included for that!

    I've never listened to Willie Nelson or Bobby Bare, but now I'd like to! Any suggestions? And what modern country music have you found yourself liking?

    Can you please send me one of the piglets? ;) Or perhaps you'll own your own farm one day and I can come help out. I surely would love that. :D

  4. Driving country roads. :)

    Wonderful list.


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