Friday, January 6, 2017

In The First Week of January...

Beginning the New Year with watching Felicity - An American Girl Adventure. I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! The colonial time period has always been one of my happy places and this was The Most Charming and sweet and heart-melting bit of it. And the end... could it be more lovely? No, my friend, I think not.

My littlest sister's curly headed bob. When she gets up in the morning it's almost unnerving how 20's she looks.

Doing Sleek Technique and Ballet Beautiful in my fairy light decked downstairs "studio" on a snow filled morning.

This review of Blue Ice and Amber by one of my best friends.

Windfola in her Nordic Pony Form. She looks like she should be tromping around with a rope of bells and scarlet ribbons.

Hallmarks in general, and Baby's First Christmas in particular. It is hilarious and it has scenes of the Most Melting Nature Possible; truly I was quite teary by the end.

Sledding with Arwen to the sparkle of Christmas lights and cloud muffled Moonlight.

The New Year in general you know; the beauties of Possibilities untold... yet all planned by the unguessable imagination of God.

Yes, it's a nice sort of feeling.


  1. Oh, we love Felicity. I can barely remember the Molly and Samantha films and thought the Kit one annoying (or rather Abigail Breslin, she irritates me and for awhile she was every little girl in every movie). Felicity was always one of my favorites (I have the doll), and the costumes and music in the movie were lovely. And I'd always had book crush on Ben . . . easily transferrable to the movie.

    1. Livia Rachelle,
      We watched all of the historical American Girl movies within two weeks and honestly I can't quite say which is my favorite, except that Felicity probably leads by a tiny margin :)

  2. Eowyn, you have such a way with words. I love "cloud muffled moonlight."

    Happy New Year!

    (And whose truck?) :-)

    1. Emma,
      Thank you so much for the encouraging words!

      The truck is my brother's. He doesn't use it much, but I have some really fun memories attached to it. :)

  3. Isn't Felicity such a sweet movie? (Also, I whole heartedly believe she marries Ben one day when she grows up. What are your feelings on the subject? :))

    Awwww! I can only imagine how adorable she must look with her new haircut. That photo of her in front of the window is absolutely lovely. :)

    Fairy lights are the best. <3

    Awww. <3 *hugs*

    What is "Nordic Pony Form", may I ask? :)

    I have yet to sled this year. I'm especially looking forward to ice skating, but the weather has been veerrry cold and yet snowless lately. Hmm. :(

    Your ending wprds are perfect!

    PS. Every one of your photos are simply beautiful. :)

    1. Natalie,
      On Felicity and Ben... yes, oh so very much yes! The entire movie is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen; I finished watching it in the most lovely daze. :)

      Thank you! I whizzed around showing everyone the results of that impromptu photo shoot. :)

      Her "Nordic pony form" is when her winter coat is all fluffed out from the cold!

      Skating outside seems so romantic! I do hope you can do it!

      Ah, thanks muchly.

    2. Aww, I'm so very happy you like them, too! You're making me want to watch it all over again. :)

      I can see why! It's such a lovely photo!

      Ooh, I see! Thanks for explaining that. ;)

      I still have yet to skate this winter, and am beginning to doubt the possibility, but there is always hope. :)

  4. Aw I'm glad you're having a good 2017 so far! I remember watching Felicity when I was younger, but it's been years!

    1. Victoria,
      It has been lovely. :) You should most certainly watch it again!

      I hope you have a lovely February.


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