Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stagecoach (1966)

This is not a proper review. It's a rambling collection of the reasons why I love Stagecoach (1966). But fear not, the list is not an exhaustive one so -- while long -- it does have an end. The main reason why I did not first post it on High Noon is that I simply had to post it with my “Dallas” header! Which said header, by the by, I love to pieces.

Hence, I'm not going to discuss the scenery (which is scrumptious and grand), nor how the story differs from the 1935 B+W version (which it does in so many ways), or how it is different from the original short story (which I haven't read for a long time :)).

Instead, I'm just going to talk about the characters, because they are simply... wonderful and lovely and brilliantly done.

Keenan Wynn as a Villain.
I first met him in The Absent Minded Professor, so technically I should have been prepared, but repeated viewings of Royal Wedding have somewhat altered my go-to impression of him. But oh he's delightfully disturbing in this role (not as in "disturbing" disturbing), but just rather delightful astonishment and awe at his talent.

Bob Cummings as Gatewood
Another favorite actor whose comedy I love and yet here he's great as a very rude villain. Of course he is perfect at being irritating and completely hilarious at the same time.

Hatfield... and Mrs. Mallory... and the Doctor and oh... everyone!
All are just perfection. Honestly, I love every single one of them. And Slim Pickens as the driver? Very, very fun. Mrs. Mallory is concisely proper, but not naturally unkind in temperament. (As a side note, both she and Dallas have similar coloring which, while rather amusing, still doesn't bother me in the least as they are both so beautiful)! And the Doctor! “Hey, it's Bing Crosby!” Before this I had only seen snatches of him via White Christmas and viewing those bits I found it impossible to meld his rather tragic expression with his humorous performance and actions, but his portrayal of the doctor totally reconciled the two in my mind and I enjoyed it in the extreme.


Ringo and Dallas (aren't those the neatest names?)

Ringo is so normal and "everyday-ish", he truly does seem like someone whom you might just happen to meet any day (which said meeting would turn into an exquisite day). And that, my friends, is a very nice feeling indeed. And there is this really neat part indeed with him and the stage horses involving a thunderstorm and a mudslide.

Dallas is tough, yet with a vein of deeply hidden sensitivity running underneath that flashes out at times and only needs encouragement and a bit of tough love mixed with tenderness to draw it out. And (not to give anything away of course), that is exactly what a Certain Person gives her. And Ringo and Dallas together? Too… Much... Sweetness! He makes her laugh. Not a forced little giggle, but a beautiful and true laugh. She draws him out, too. Believe me, together, their relationship is absolutely adorable.

But it's not really the end... because there is so much more. More to be savored and sighed over, dreamt and written about, and of course those are the very best stories. And that is why this one is now one of my Top Five Favorite Westerns... and one of my Top Ten Favorite Movies, too (not that I can say what the other nine are, but I do know this is one :)).

Yes, I'm in raptures, because (to paraphrase the Abbess in Sound of Music) it's just that kind of story.


  1. I've actually never seen this movie...maybe it's time I should? :p

    1. Sarah,
      Most definitely! I watched it via Youtube and I think it still is up there.
      Merry Christmas! :)

    2. Eowyn,
      Thanks for the tip and the warm wishes!
      Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  2. I find it so funny that you and Heidi like different versions of the same movie! :D I didn't know there was another version...I'd like to try this one, as well!
    Ringo and Dallas look like they'll be absolutely adorable together. I love her red hair!

  3. Oh, and I nearly forgot-beautiful header!! It makes me excited for the Cinderella party as well as for the continued winter months!

    1. Natalie,
      It is very funny, especially as not only do we like them, but we like them passionately . :) (She hasn't seen it yet, but however, Heidi has been caught saying that she thinks she might like this one as well. ;))

      Dallas is SO gorgeous!

      Thanks about the header. I hadn't gone on my blog for several weeks until tonight and it gave me fresh tingles all over again. :)

  4. It looks fun! I really enjoy old movies/TV shows.

    1. Lydia,
      Thanks for your comment! It most certainly is! I love old classics, too; they really are the best to my mind. :) I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and have a lovely New Year!

  5. Intriguing! I haven't seen this version, though Bing Crosby's presence makes me want to.

    1. Hamlette,
      It is! I was seriously SHOCKED when if found out there were other versions besides the John Wayne one and it has some very wonderful actors! SO it's a win win all around!

      I hope you had a great Christmas with your family! Happy New Year!


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