Saturday, March 28, 2015

Of Daffodils and an Interview

Firstly (as hinted above), I was recently interviewed by one of my blogging chums—the lovely Emma from A Lantern in Her Hand. So, if you have not seen it, do scurry over and check it out forthwith!

Secondly… Actually, I’m not exactly sure what should be second, as so many lovely things have been happening! We have had both bright windy days and chilly grey ones. The fields tumbling over the hills around our farm are all the richest velvety green and the daffodils…oh, the daffodils folks, are glorious! The little pockets of bright yellow blooms on the edge of the pastures and along the roads are perfection itself. These last two mornings it has snowed and the cheery golden heads among the great white flakes have been the prettiest thing. :)

Spring always makes me feel as if I were living in a Tasha Tudor world.


  1. Tasha Tudor world. :) I love it and it's so true. :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Eowyn! YOUR BLOG IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm just squealing with delight right now. I LOVE the rustic, barn door background. Very nicely done! :-)

    Spring is on its way! We're still shivering in the cold here, but the sun is out today and I've seen little green shoots in the flower garden, which gives me a ridiculously giddy hope!

    Your closing sentence about Tasha feelings exactly. I have a little book that I write down quotes in every day, and I've made that my quote for today. :-)


    1. Emma,
      Thank you bunches! I'm so glad you find it squeal worthy, because I'm pretty excited about it, too. :) I have several very beautiful memories of visits to the lavender fields back in Washington State, hence this entire layout is quite "close" to me and I had an image of what I wanted---and then Heidi (in her magical way) came along and helped me pull it together!

      The warm spring sunshine makes me so happy. :) And you have a real flower garden? That's so wonderful!

      I always find Tasha Tudor most inspiring. In fact (though I don't think this was completely owing to her, but it's fun to imagine it was!) we even used to have a Corgi!

      I generally mix my quote recordings with my journal entries, but having a "special look" book for them is quite clever. :)

  3. I just read your interview! It was delightful!
    And I may have commented on this already, but your new design is SO gorgeous!! The purple header.....sigh. I adore it. So so lovely.

  4. Daffodils always make me so happy! Currently my yard is full of them and I am highly pleased!

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can see more here:

    1. Kelpie,
      Daffodils are so ardently cheery that they just make you happy, don't they? I'm so glad God made things like that. :)

      I just love tags and (though it may be a bit before I find time for it) I am looking forward to answering it!


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