Thursday, October 23, 2014

Favorite Emma Personalities (Who I Don’t Think Quite Fit Their Character Roles)

Though every version of Emma has its good points (and interestingly enough I think every Emma did a wonderful job in her role!) this post was inspired by the feeling I am sometimes left with after viewing a film, to wit: in some cases loving the personality, but not feeling they fit the role or liking their rendition even better! Now let us proceed to the Emma films.

Harriet from the ’96 (Gwyneth Paltrow) version – I really like this Harriet as Harriet. Her rendition of the character is slightly different from the book (as she never gets extremely stuck up and unkind to Emma) and I like that. I also like how she never truly forgets Mr. Martin. 

Mrs. Weston from the ’09 version – She is not my ideal Mrs. Weston and, to my eye, her age appears too close to Emma’s to be her governess. Yet despite that, as a person I greatly like her and I think I would truly love to have her as a friend.

Mr. Knightley from the ’96 A&E version – Unlike the ‘72, ’96 and ’09 versions of Mr. Knightley, this Mr. Knightley is not quite how I imagine the character. However, I greatly enjoy picturing him in a different active historical fiction role such as Robert in Charlotte Bronte’s “Shirley” or even Mr. Thornton—and I relish watching him in this film just for that.

And now my absolutely favorite couple in any version of Emma…..

The ’96 A&E Frank Churchill and Jane Fairfax!!! I hear a surprised murmuring…“Frank and Jane?” you say? “You mean the villain of the piece and Jane, who—though elegant—is not exactly the greatest?” and finally, “Why?”

First: in this version though Frank is rude to Jane he is mostly playing along with Emma instead of creating the entire scheme. (Not that that entirely changes things, but it makes a slight difference.)

Second: his appearance is very similar to Tom in Mansfield Park. I could say much more on that subject, but I will leave it for a review of MP. Suffice to say at the moment it is one of the greatest recommendations he could receive from me.

Finally: they fit so well together. He sincerely smiles and his eyes light up as he looks at her. Her face glows and she blossoms out whenever he is near. They are really so adorable together that I can hardly stand it and it is so utterly sweet, that I can—and do—watch the movie simply for them!

So…what do you think? Who plays your favorite character renditions in Emma?


  1. Thank you so much for doing this post! Ooooohhh, I'm so glad you were able to use that Frank and Jane picture!! (Which fact, I know you're quite well aware of. ;)) Oh, my. It's sweet. And tingly. :) (And now what shall we do for Margaret Hale?? ;))

    1. Heidi,
      Yes, I know... :) (I'm glad you like the idea of Keeley Hawes. :) )

  2. YES I like the A&E version Mr. Knightley too though my sisters hate him. :) He would make a good Mr. Rochester. But I like the '09 Mr. Knightley best.
    I love Mrs. Weston, though I agree she looks too young in the '09 version - her and Emma's ages look almost interchangeable.
    Frank and Jane??! I can't stand Frank because he's so detestable to Jane (and she still loves him afterwards, which is amazing). I do admit they're sweet together, and the A&E actors are my favorites for the parts too, but I still think Frank is nasty. ;)
    Nice post!!

    1. Analiese,
      Now that you mention it, I agree that he would make a good Rochester. :)
      As for Frank and Jane....I think that is part of the reason I like the A&E handling of their story, because they do bring out how much he likes her.

  3. Clearly, I'm going to have to add The Other '96 Emma to my list of Emmas to watch, huh? I do like Kate Beckinsale, so I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Especially if it has a really great Frank Churchill!

    As for Jane Fairfax... when pressed, I say she is elegant :-)

    1. Hamlette,
      You really should see it! And yes, Frank Churchill is absolutely amazing. :)

  4. They were my favorite Frank and Jane too! The filmmakers couldn't have gotten any closer to how I pictured them when I read the book! :)

    1. Natalie,
      I'm so glad you liked them, too! He's just so charming and she's so sweet. :)

  5. BTW, I tagged you here. Play if you like.


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