Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snippets of Story - December Edition

Here is my first Snippets of Story! An excerpt from my work-in-progress:"Doctors and Daughters".

(referring to a third party)
   “In his stuck up bigotry,” Dr. Owen said, “he refuses to give honor due, shrouding mercy and care–virtues bestowed by a Being far greater than himself–in a stale mode of words, speaking of them as 'instinct' and 'the natural behavior of the unsoiled man' instead of admitting that he is under complete obligation to his Creator.”
   “You prefer to name yourself a worm and a fool then, instead of merely saying that indeed it is natural instinct that makes you feel in your heart a compassion for your fellow creatures?” Sir Anthony countered.
    “If–as you say I should–I did act at all times merely upon what my instinct dictates, I would indeed be a most deplorable being. But I prefer not to stalk about in a pride built on a system of lies that when torn away would leave me standing in front of all eyes a puffed-up fool. In place of such a state I prefer to live a simple man knowing his own weakness and acknowledging all goodness to his God.”
    “All of that in place of 'foolish myths', as you term my belief in the inherent nobleness of man. I make no claims to the knowledge of the ages and still you say I am filled with a foolish pride.”
   “I, too, make no claims to the knowledge of the ages, I merely say there is one who does, and that the little shard of knowledge which the mind of any man can discover has been bestowed purely from Him. And that which which our human minds cannot grasp I do not believe is 'simply non-existent', but that there are things which are too great for mortal intellect and were we to know them our minds might explode in the glory. Much as there is to be discovered in the history that spans behind us, not all is hidden in the pale mists of the ages, some is hidden in a dazzling cloud of glory–yet to be disclosed.”

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