Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oh Happy Day!

So there is this girl who is having a birthday, her name? Natalie.

She has really good movie taste...

Like, impeccable.

She loves great stories in general...

and writes some seriously lovely ones herself.

And she believes in honest to goodness, COUNTRY.

But that list, my friends, is definitely not the end of it.

She has terrific humor, is just plain beautiful (both in spirit and person), is one of the most caring people I know, and one of the most faithful friends I've ever been blessed with.

Most of all she has a heart full of Grace, which is ever pursuing Christ, a fact which is apparent Every. Single. Time. you ever interact with her, and that is the most terrific thing of all.

Thanks so much for your friendship Natalie! Here is to many more years of shared thoughts and adventures yet unseen!




  2. Happy birthday Natalie!!! :D :D

    This was such a sweet post Eowyn!

  3. Oh my word......ÉOWYN. *hugs you forever*

    This....this post, though. No words for right now, dear friend. Except.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

    PS. I'll be back with a longer comment soon, I promise.

    PPS. This. Made. My. Day. <3

  4. Awww. Eowyn! This was so sweet. Great post, my dear!

    And yes, Natalie really is one of the most caring people ever! She's great. <3 (And you're so right about her taste in movies. :))

  5. Happy belated birthday here too, Natalie :-D

  6. Thank you, everyone!!! ^_^

    Éowyn, I'm back with a more detailed comment now. :D

    Firstly, that picture of Dude....!!! You know me well, friend. ;)

    Love that letter photo!

    What you said about my stories. Awww. *hugs*

    The barn photo is absolutely lovely and the truck photo is SUCH fun. :D (Country!! Yay!)

    And then...everything you said at the end of this post. *sniffles* :') Love you, Éowyn!! I certainly don't think I deserve half of the lovely things you said about me, but it makes me over the moon happy that you think I do! *hugs* I'm so incredibly blessed to call you my friend and sister in Christ. <3

    Yes, indeed! Many many MANY more years. :D

    Thank you again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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